Service Optimizer 99+

Decode demand uncertainty and minimize inventory so you can be ready for anything
Guarantee high service levels at lowest cost - Image

Guarantee high service levels at lowest cost

While others focus on forecast accuracy, ToolsGroup focuses on the ultimate goal — service-level delivery. Our service-driven approach positions inventory across the network to efficiently meet high customer service level objectives. Set your service levels and relax knowing you'll meet them with the minimum inventory investment.

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Master demand uncertainty

SO99+ incorporates uncertainty modeling across a range of supply chain planning functions, from demand forecasting to inventory and replenishment. SO99+’s probability-based forecasting identifies a range of outcomes and the probability of each of those outcomes occurring, so it can calculate optimal inventory targets.

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Improve handling of intermittent demand/slow movers

When managing slow-moving and intermittent demand items, ToolsGroup is incomparably better than other solutions. We’ve cracked the code on relationships between inventory and customer service levels, so you can optimize even very large assortments — including those with sporadic demand — balancing inventories across different locations and different levels in the bill of materials (BOM).

Automate planning to increase productivity - Image

Automate planning to increase productivity

Our highly autonomous software ensures that your planners are focused on the most productive and the highest value-added activities. Rather than a manually-intensive decision support tool, SO99+ is a solution to which planners can delegate much of the number-crunching, data manipulation and other grunt work.

Tame complexity with machine learning - Image

Tame complexity with machine learning

Because our machine learning engine incorporates deep learning, our models “learn” from existing data and accurately identify future demand trends. It leverages the knowledge, experience and skills of demand planners and other experts, working like an intelligent assistant that helps them do their normal jobs much more effectively.

Our Solutions

  • Demand Planning & Forecasting
    Demand Planning & Forecasting Demand Forecasting and Planning automates the creation of demand plans using machine learning and empowers demand collaboration reducing forecast error and optimally deploying inventory. LEARN MORE
  • Demand Sensing
    Demand Sensing Demand Sensing reduces demand variability by extracting signals out of noisy demand, provides earlier demand insights, and enables more accurate short-term plans and faster reactions to market changes. LEARN MORE
  • Merchandise Financial Planning
    Merchandise Financial Planning Merchandise financial planning provides the efficiency and accuracy retailers need to plan and meet financial targets for multiple brands, channels and currencies, and open-to-buy budgets. LEARN MORE
  • Assortment Planning
    Assortment Planning Assortment planning provides the retail analytics you need to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction. The software guides you through the process of localized assortment planning based on your financial objectives and forecasted customer demand. LEARN MORE
  • Price & Markdown Planning
    Price & Markdown Planning Maximize profitability by creating a data-driven markdown and pricing strategy at both the product and aggregate levels with pricing tools powered by AI and analytics. LEARN MORE
  • Promotions Management
    Promotions Management Designed to meet the complex needs of merchandising, marketing, advertising, and supply chain teams, ToolsGroup promotion management software streamlines promotional planning and execution across both offline and ecommerce channels. LEARN MORE
  • Inventory Optimization
    Inventory Optimization Inventory Optimization factors in multiple planning variables and probabilities to generate an optimal multi-echelon inventory plan for every item in a portfolio to achieve target service levels. LEARN MORE
  • Allocation
    Allocation Retail allocation software removes the guesswork from your inventory allocation process. Machine learning allocates inventory to ideal store locations, allowing you to model demand for optimal inventory placement. LEARN MORE
  • Replenishment
    Replenishment Automated replenishment software powered by advanced algorithms and AI gives you highly accurate, time-phased automated replenishment plans to achieve optimal inventory levels. LEARN MORE
  • Production & Capacity Planning
    Production & Capacity Planning Production Planning provides unparalleled visibility, insight and control of the entire production process to improve efficiency and quality control, and service demand. LEARN MORE
  • Sales & Operations Planning
    Sales & Operations Planning ToolsGroup’s Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) solution helps companies achieve both higher levels of S&OP maturity and better business outcomes by bridging the gap between strategic planning and operational execution. LEARN MORE