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Promotions Planning Software

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Cross-functional teams need visibility to synchronize demand shaping campaigns and promotions with operations. It’s only by integrating marketing into cross-functional planning that supply chains become truly demand- or market-driven. A key challenge historically has been the availability of a common platform giving all planning stakeholders a single view of operational data that’s relevant to their individual roles. Our promotion planning solution does just that. It gives marketing professionals a powerful tool to view and scenario-plan campaigns and promotions in synch with supply chain operations. In turn, the forecasted impact of marketing’s campaigns on the baseline forecast are fed back into operations teams, so they can adjust their plans accordingly.
Promotion Forecasting

Promotions, advertising and other forms of “demand shaping” typically cost fast-moving consumer goods companies at least 10-15% of gross revenues. Yet forecasting promotions’ impact, or ‘uplift’ eludes many planners. Demand signals, lead times and other factors can vary significantly at the channel or store level, making promotions planning extremely complex. Supply constraints can also hamstring promotions and lead to unmet service levels and disappointed customers. Our promotions planning solution is enhanced with machine learning to automate this immense complexity. It provides a marketing-friendly lens through which professionals can view the right level of operational data to help them plan and optimize campaigns.

Promotion Simulation

Campaign simulation is normally time and resource-intensive, putting it out of most marketing teams’ reach. Our ‘Good Plan’ button provides a fast, simple way for marketing professionals to determine a plan’s viability. It evaluates all the variables that relate to a planned campaign, such as lead time and other data about supply constraints to provide an instant assessment and the rationale behind it. These crucial data points help marketing professionals choose the right campaigns and support consensus-based decision making.

Promotion Execution

Our unified system helps companies maximize promotional execution outcomes by bridging the gap between marketing and operations. It allows marketing professionals to safely manage, update and track all changes relating to campaigns and promotions. These are perfectly synchronized so supply chain teams can adapt their plans to ensure the right inventory is in the right place to meet demand on a daily basis, right down to the store level. This minimizes the lost sales and reputational damage associated with siloed planning approaches.

User Permissions & Auditing

Our solution allows marketing teams to allocate user permissions to access campaign data by groups, such as country or region. Team members can focus on their campaigns without being distracted by irrelevant information. Auditing capabilities let marketing professionals see the information behind the ‘Good Plan’ button to understand and communicate decisions more effectively. The history of all campaign changes, and who made them, are tracked and recorded.

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