09 FEB
Promo Planning: Risk or Reward? Let’s face it: marketing and supply chain don’t speak the same language. They have different views of the world and different ways to plan. How do you close the promotion planning gap to ensure your promotions pay off? Join our webinar to learn more.
16 FEB
17 FEB
The 25th Annual ARC Industry Forum - Accelerating Digital Transformation in a Post-COVID World TireHub’s business model was designed to transform the tire wholesale market, and digital technologies were a key part of that transformation. Join us to hear Ashok Vantipalli, VP of Information Technology at TireHub, discuss how they changed the rules for distribution in the tire industry.
23 FEB
25 FEB
Alimarket: The meeting - FM Logistics FMCG supply chains have been under pressure during the last months, due to the COVID impact. In this event, we will learn how to adapt our logistics procedures in order to meet our target service levels and improve our profitability.
24 OCT
26 OCT
Richmond Logistics Forum An event to enrich your working method, meet colleagues, evaluate the offers and ideas of a selected group of suppliers in a professional environment, and participate in interactive seminars.