Global Footwear Retailer

Global Footwear Retailer Gives Competitors a Run for Their Money with ToolsGroup

About the brand

  • World’s leading designer, marketer, and distributor of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories
  • Vertically-integrated supply chain
  • Products are sold through company-owned retail and outlet stores, digital platforms, retail accounts, and independent distributors in all countries around the world

Brand Statistics

$30B in revenue each of the last five fiscal years Live in 52+ countries 1,150+ stores worldwide 70+ distribution centers worldwide 76,700+ employees


  • Retail planning was performed in Excel and across twelve disparate systems.
  • Manual processes and data silos became untenable as the direct-to-consumer business grew.
  • Needed a solution that could streamline, automate, and optimize key allocation activities.
  • Required functionality for pre-season and in-season allocation and replenishment of ongoing products including lifecycle price management.


Solutions Implemented

ToolsGroup’s Allocation and Automated Replenishment solutions were selected for worldwide deployment across all direct-to-consumer channels including retail, online, factory, and outlet stores.

The retailer went live on ToolsGroup Allocation in less than six months and trusted the system’s recommendations for Black Friday, despite it being very different from the year prior. As a result, the retailer sold two million more units on Black Friday than the year prior, paying  for the entire project in one day.



In January 2020, the organization elected to expand its use of ToolsGroup solutions at one of its subsidiaries, a leading shoe company, where the ToolsGroup Pricing solution was implemented to manage lifecycle pricing.



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