Customer Stories

A Consumer Products Company

Like many of its competitors, ConsumerCo is seeking to move closer to its customers and achieve service level excellence without skyrocketing inventories.


How ABB Uses AI-Powered Automation to Increase Efficiency and Improve S&OP

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

After implementing ToolsGroup Retail Planning solutions, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits reduced lost sales and inventory costs while increasing productivity thanks to smarter forecasts and better reporting.


Absolut was rapidly growing, causing complexities to surface. With forecasting and production planning being performed by one planner, they needed the help of SO99+.


Discover how Ackermans overcome stock-outs by implementing demand planning and forecasting, resulting in a 10% decrease in excess stock, a 5% increase in product sales, and visibility into SKUs at all levels.


ADI faced an ambitious project to transform its entire logistics network. Using the ToolsGroup solution, the company dramatically improved the performance of its supply chain.


Alessi needed a planning process to guarantee product availability and consistently fill orders in a timely manner – a stock-mix optimization process.

Allopneus Optimizes Inventory and Improves Competitiveness with ToolsGroup.


Amara, facing a challenging MRO environment, sought to reduce MRO inventory and stock obsolescence while improving customer service levels. These goals were achieved with SO99+.


Amplifon manages a highly complex extended supply chain. Gradually, they lost full oversight of their inventory. With SO99+, we helped them gain complete visibility again.

Aston Martin

Driving away with improved service levels and reduced inventory


Bellota’s supply chain was challenged with increasing SKUs. To improve performance, they introduced a new KPI: availability rate. Now it needed a tool to deliver it.

Boggi Milano

How Boggi Milano Achieved More Sales with Less Inventory in Just Seven Weeks


Boise struggled with long transit times and idle inventory. Their goal? Reducing stock by 10% while improving on-time delivery. With SO99+, these goals were accomplished.


BorgWarner supply chain team was under pressure to lower inventory and achieve high service levels. Within a few months, their process was revamped.


Food company transforms supply chain complexity and volatility into better service and healthy inventory levels


How Decathlon increased yearly margin by €107 million by partnering with Evo to create the Juste Prix responsive pricing program

ECommerce Home Goods Retailer

It was taking this Internet retailer roughly 100 hours to create a forecast and replenishment orders. Thanks to us, this is no longer the case.


Eurofred was challenged with planning and optimizing its complex supply chain in order to improve customer service levels and manage stock levels.

Event Network

How Event Network Integrated Competitive Pricing Strategies to Increase Margins and Power Growth


Franke’s tremendous growth resulted in a complex, non-optimal supply chain network. ToolsGroup’s probability—based forecasting made a huge difference for the company.

Garden Planter Co.

This decorative garden company experienced an unsustainable inventory increase . We helped reduce their obsolescence and inventory by 30%.


The Automated Sun & Shutter Specialists Tackle Complexity and Break Down Silos for Improved Operations, Higher Service Levels, and Substantial Business Benefits

Global Energy Company

Global Energy Company wanted to start a project to improve product service levels and knew it would not be easy, that’s where we came in.

Global Eyewear Co.

This company had the challenge of intelligently managing inventory to maintain high service levels but avoid excess stock, so they sought the help of SO99+.

Global Footwear Retailer

By implementing allocation and replenishment software, this global footwear retailer sold 2 Million more units on Black Friday than the previous year – paying for the entire project in one day.


Granarolo required optimized inventory management and complete visibility in an environment characterized by short shelf life and promotional pressures.

Grupo Gallo

Gallo was faced with a changing business environment, both internally and externally. They concluded that it was time for their supply chain to undergo change.

Gruppo Giovannini

The electronics distribution business is competitive and Gruppo Giovannini needed to make optimal trade-offs between working capital and service levels.


Harrington Plastics ditches forecasting guesswork and improves network integration and visibility.


Hero Spain faced the challenge of achieving substantial and sustained improvements in its supply chain KPIs, product availability, average stock levels and forecast accuracy.


Heura leverages AI-driven digital transformation to power faster decision-making and future-focused business growth.


Hoganas’s demand varied heavily by location so their management team decided to migrate into a more reliable system with a goal of decreasing inventory by 10%.


When multichannel retailer Kathmandu advanced from Excel to integrated retail planning solutions, the results included a reduction of in-store stock by 10%, decreased stock-outs, and an increase in both stock turns and cash flow.

KIKO Milano

KIKO’s dramatic growth created greater complexity in a highly competitive and constantly evolving cosmetics market. SO99+ came to the rescue.

Kronans Apotek

Kronans Apotek’s could not properly manage varying seasonal patterns, frequent product replacements and new pharmacy launches. SO99+ came to the rescue.


Boosting Margins Through Responsive Pricing While Mitigating the Effects of Brexit

Leading Automotive Manufacturer

This manufacturer was faced with an abundance of backorders and was dealing with a high level of dead stock. With SO99+, their service level improved to 90+%.

Leading Electronics Distributor

How One Distribution Giant Adapted Quickly to Changing Market Conditions and Right-Sized Inventory While Maintaining Service Levels


Lennox Residential Heating and Cooling faced the challenge of managing a North American distribution network enlargement while simultaneously transitioning to a hub-and-spoke model.


Lubinski faced a challenging environment of managing over 20K slow moving items in their warehouse. With the help of SO99+, they saw decreased stock and more.

McDonald’s Mesoamérica

McDonald's Mesoamerica, while thriving in the implementation of in-store kiosks, struggled with developing an effective planning process. This setback, along with rapid expansion and a competitive market, inhibited productivity and lowered service levels. The integration of SO99+ effected positive and...


Melitta needed a solution to support their sales and operations planning process to see more efficient management and increased statistical forecast accuracy.

Miroglio Fashion

How Miroglio Increased Margin and Accelerated Sell-Through Despite Uneven Product Sales and Promotional Pressure

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Europe needed to get inventory levels back under control. The company was seeking to reduce inventory while achieving equal or higher service levels.


How Mobo Increased Efficiency and Optimized Pricing Regionally for Enhanced Business Growth


Mohawk’s SO99+ deployment supports collaborative goal-setting and decision-making by giving players a transparent view of trustworthy data.


Moleskine had to manage supply chain planning across increasing brand complexity. They needed a demand forecasting tool that would increase service levels and reduce working capital.


How Motivi Achieved a V-shaped Sales Rebound Without Adding Discounts or Markdowns

Multi-National Coffee Bar Company

This company’s real-time sales data wasn’t being used for replenishment. Because there was no system in place, the team relied on manual spreadsheet based estimates.

Multi-national Food Company

Multi-national food company needed a reliable forecasting tool capable of predicting lift to baseline demand from trade promotions and media events. SO99+ came to the rescue.

Multi-National Olive Oil Company

This business improved its product availability while reducing inventory and costs


Find out how Nashua transformed their process – increasing product availability to 95 percent – using demand forecasting and inventory optimization solutions to generate a 50 percent growth in sales.


NHS was functioning off a sub-optimal process that could not respond to the future needs of its customers. SO99+ reduced their delivery cost and waste.

Nordic Food Company

The company struggled to balance the conflicting demands of high availability and capital tied to inventory. They turned to ToolsGroup Demand Planning and Inventory Optimization.


In this era of rapid evolution in telecommunications, O2 recognized the need to evolve the way it does business and the systems that support it.


By implementing demand management software, PEPCO uncovered the ability to scale and speed and improve forecasting, with results including a two percentage point increase in availability for core products.

Pharmaceutical Company

Saving Lives through Improved Supply Chain Planning

Pilkington Automotive (NSG Group)

Pilkington Automotive was faced with unpredictable demand, increasing SKUs and a diverse range of customers. This drove them to build a more competitive supply chain.


How PittaRosso Successfully Resolved Persistent Inventory Issues and Increased Sales and Overall Margin by Implementing a Data-Driven Markdown Strategy


Polaris's powersports supply chain is full speed ahead with automated planning.


Pompea’s business became increasingly complex and it was challenged to build the right inventory. Their labor-intensive process was no longer cutting it. Something needed to change.

Power Generation Company

This power company's Spare Parts Service team was faced with an increasingly competitive market and changing business environment. We helped them avoid late deliveries and unpredictable emergencies.


Food company transforms supply chain complexity and volatility into better service and healthy inventory levels


RAJA Italy was challenged by high-value slow movers, difficulty in monitoring behavior of 5,000+ products, service level instability and stock-out penalties. That's where we came in.


90% of Ratioform's inventory items were in the long-tail making it hard to balance costs with service level . SO99+ came to the rescue.

Shamir Optical

For a company that makes eyeglass lenses, Shamir Optical had a visibility problem – at least when it came to inventory. That’s why we stepped in.


Digital transformation is tough for any firm, but very tough for a $9 billion industrial manufacturer. SKF is currently on a journey towards this transformation.

Spar Gran Canaria

Spar Gran Canaria faced new direct to POS distribution restrictions from suppliers trying to contain costs and needed to change its stock planning process.

Sports Car Co.

Sports car company’s management set a challenging target of raising the spare parts service level from 70% to 90% in two years, without increasing inventory levels.


They have developed and launched over 200 products (and counting) and sell them to customers online through Amazon and their own website under the Dash brand.

The Crazy Store

Discount variety chain The Crazy Store found its core mission compromised by a slow and rigid replenishment process. Thanks to integrating demand forecasting, it overcame challenges – and uncovered annual double-digit sales growth.


Highly seasonal and intermittent demand drove the company to seek a centralized, automated solution to combat plummeting planner productivity and service levels that dipped below 80%.