The real world doesn’t always follow the rules.

Be ready for anything

ToolsGroup is how organizations achieve their target service levels while optimizing inventory – no matter how complex their supply chain is or how much demand changes.

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To be ready for anything, you need to do three things:

Predict more behaviors

For each unique SKU across location and time frame – while factoring in promotions, weather and more.

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Protect against surprises

Anticipate real world uncertainty and plan for service levels your customers can count on, no matter what happens.

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Perform more efficiently

By optimizing inventory, distribution and replenishment from the point of supply to point of consumption.

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Gartner Report: Digital Supply Chain Planning: The Art of the Possible Should Focus on Reducing the Four Evils of Planning


Digital supply chain planning transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Are you still on the right path? Will the rewards be worth the effort?


SKF's Digital Planning Transformation

On-Demand Webinar

SKF, a leading bearing business, rejected complacency and embarked on a high-profile digital transformation. Jörg Schlager, Business Transformation Manager, will share his company’s journey to integrated supply chain planning and the achievements that made SKF the winner of the 2020 Gartner Supply Chainnovator Award.

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McDonald’s Mesoamérica McDonald's Mesoamérica is the distributor of McDonald’s products in Central America. They operate in four countries with four distribution centers, three production plants, over 130 points of sale and more than 7,000 suppliers and collaborators. Get the Full Story
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