Production Planning Software

With ToolsGroup Production Planning software you will gain unparalleled visibility, insight and control of your entire production lifecycle to improve efficiency and service demand. Our solution gives planners greater insight and control over manufacturing processes - from the supplier base to all phases of the production plan. Unlike production planning systems that address parts of the manufacturing process, our solution orchestrates and optimizes the entire production lifecycle.
Production and supply chain planning

This module supports production and procurement planning, factoring in market demand and accommodating different approaches including Make to Stock, Make to Order and Assembly to Order. It addresses medium to long-term planning, offering insight into long-term demand feasibility.

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) links sales to logistics, taking demand forecasts into account, proposing which products to manufacture and stock levels. It assesses available production capacity and calculates and generates proposals for materials and components needed to fulfill the production plan.

Finite Capacity Scheduling

This high-performance scheduling system generates a production schedule in seconds, even for very complex environments with huge amounts of data. It also takes into account production process constraints specific to different industrial sectors.

The system’s user-friendly and interactive graphical interface lets planners make changes to the production schedule with just a few mouse clicks. Precise modeling, allows planners to easily simulate and compare alternative ‘what-if’ production plan scenarios.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and supplier integration

MES brings visibility to all steps in the production cycle, supporting production schedule dispatching, data collection and resources monitoring, shop-floor control, lot tracking and traceability, quality control plans management, label printing, plant maintenance and KPI analysis. MES collects shop-floor data through a range of devices (touch-screen panels, industrial terminals, Wi-Fi handheld units, tablets), direct machine connections (SCADA, PLC, digital signals, etc.) and integration with dedicated measuring and weighing systems. Through a simple web browser interface, subcontractors and suppliers can easily share information to improve supply chain planning.