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Privacy Policy

ToolsGroup B.V., having its place of business at Teleportboulevard 110, 1043 EJ, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and its affiliates or subsidiaries listed below (”ToolsGroup”, “our”, “we” or “us”) attaches a great deal of value to your privacy. This privacy policy is meant to help you understand our privacy practices, including what personal data we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it, and how we protect it, as well as your individual rights.

ToolsGroup Includes :

ToolsGroup B.V.

Teleportbouleveard 110

1043 EJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

T +31 85 2100107


ToolsGroup Colombia S.A.S.

Autopista Norte # 97-50 Of. 1007

110221 – Bogotá, Colombia

T +57 315 328 3002


ToolsGroup Deutschland GmbH

Fünf Höfe, 8th Floor, Theatinerstr. 11

80333 – Munich, Germany

T +49 89 71042 2343

F +49 89 74042 2000


ToolsGroup Italy S.r.l.

Corso Monforte 54

20122 – Milano, Italy

T +39 02 87064250

F +39 02 48022811


ToolsGroup Inc.

75 Federal St, Suite 920

02110 – Boston, MA, USA

T +1 617 263 0080

F +1 617 263 0450


ITP Tecnologica SL

C/Tarragona, 149-157, 1ª Planta

08014 – Barcelona, Spain

T +34 93 4125768

F +34 93 4125864


Please be aware that countries located outside Europe may not have the same level of data protection as European countries. However, ToolsGroup will comply with the GDPR requirements in respect of personal data it collects outside Europe.


ToolsGroup appreciates the interest you have shown in our company, products and services by visiting our website ( or related communication channels, including, but not limited to, our social media pages and/or channels and blogs.  

Personal Data That We Process

Personal data means: all information about an identified or identifiable natural person who can be directly or indirectly identified, such as a name and address details. According to the law, grounds are needed for any processing of personal data.


Our basic principle is that we never collect and process any more personal data about you than is strictly necessary.

Why ToolsGroup Needs Your Personal Data

We process your personal data for various purposes. For example, we need your personal data to execute an agreement your company has concluded with us. We also use your personal data to update you on developments which are important to you or interesting offers.


We also need your personal data to fulfill our legal obligations. This means, for example, statutory regulations relating to the structure of our business operations. In addition we need your personal data to keep proper administrative records.


It is possible that (public) authorities will ask us for data about you. In such instances we have to forward that data to them. The legal basis for this is a statutory obligation.


Lastly, we use your personal data for promotion or marketing purposes. The legal basis for this is a justified interest.

Who Processes Your Personal Data

ToolsGroup B.V., mentioned above, is responsible for collecting and processing your personal data.

Issuing Your Personal Data to Third Parties

Your personal data is forwarded to third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement you have concluded with us, if we have a statutory obligation to do so, or in instances whereby we use an external service provider during the execution of our work.


If we use third-party services, a data processing agreement will be concluded with these third parties insofar as required to guarantee that your data will also be treated confidentially by these third parties and exclusively within the framework of the purpose we have determined.

Transfer of Your Personal Data Outside of Europe

ToolsGroup operates at a global level and therefore may need to transfer personal data to other countries where we operate, including in North and South America. Similarly, we might transfer your personal data to third parties based elsewhere.


When we export your personal information to a different country, we will take steps to ensure that such data exports comply with the GDPR. For example:

The Rights You Have in Relation to Your Personal Data

You have the right to inspect your personal data which we process, but you also have the right to be forgotten and to have your personal data altered, transferred, or deleted. You can object to the (further) processing of your personal data. Lastly you can ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data.


If you want to inspect the personal data we have recorded about you, or if you want to alter data because it is incorrect or incomplete, or you want to have it deleted or transferred, you can send us an email via We will inform you as soon as possible, and by no later than within four weeks, regarding which personal data we have processed and whether we will, or can, meet your request to delete, alter or transfer.


If you have any complaints about our data processing, please contact us at the e-mail address or telephone mentioned below. We would also like to point out that you can submit a complaint to the Dutch supervisory body, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

For Which Period of Time ToolsGroup Keeps Your Personal Data

All personal data which you issue to us will not be saved for any longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. In any event we will keep the personal data you issued for the period necessary to carry out the assignment you issued and to process any claims. Certain data is subject to a statutory retention period. For example, we have an administrative and fiscal duty to retain of at least seven years. We keep invoices we send to you and payment details for this period.


If we no longer need your personal data for the purpose for which it has been collected, and at the end of the aforementioned retention periods, ToolsGroup will, in principle, destroy and/or anonymize the personal data in question. However, it may also be the case that we will continue to keep the personal data for archiving purposes, in connection with legal proceedings, or for historical or scientific research, or for statistical purposes.


This privacy policy may be amended from time to time if there is cause to do so.



If you have any questions regarding our data processing, please submit them to:

ToolsGroup B.V.

Teleportbouleveard 110

1043 – EJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

T +31 85 2100107