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Make Better Decisions, Faster, Through Continuous, Collaborative Decision- Centric Planning

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Traditionally, supply chain decisions are relegated to rigid, linear, and manual S&OP processes that introduce significant decision-making latency.

Urgent issues are dealt with ad-hoc, often forgetting to include critical stakeholders. 

For supply chain executives facing increasing supply chain disruptions and volatility, overly rigid and piecemeal decision-making processes informed by latent and misaligned data mean that understanding impacts and reacting to changes takes too long. 

Decision Hub enables continuous, collaborative decision-making processes guided by asynchronous workflows to quickly evaluate options and align on the best possible actions to take. A move to true decision-centric planning through supply chain scenarios and collaboration is made simple in Decision Hub.


Empower the right stakeholders at the right time armed with the right information to make profitable decisions fast

Asynchronous, Continuous Collaboration

Get all key stakeholders around the table in a virtual situation room to discuss emerging supply chain threats and opportunities.

Real Time, In App Scenario Planning

Simulate the impact of emerging situations by generating demand forecast scenarios and computing corresponding supply impact using the latest data and forecasts.

Single Source of Truth

All decision-makers are acting on the same real-time data, so no time is wasted arguing on the core assumptions all discussions can focus on the impact.

Efficient Path to Consensus

Each stakeholder is armed with the same information without losing the thread in siloed tools or email chains, so teams can get straight to the core issues to be decided.

More Strategic Decision Centric Planning

Too often, supply chain executives are stuck dealing with emergency situations and lose track of the strategic vision. Decision Hub allows you to manage both at the same time.

More Profitable Supply Chain Decisions

Quickly understand the impact of possible actions in response to supply chain threats and opportunities and choose the best one for your business goals.

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