Sales & Operations Planning Software

Close the gap between strategy and operations to improve plan accuracy

The sales and operations planning (S&OP) process is critical to supply chain optimization, but tough to get right. Too often there’s a disconnect between high level aggregate business plans and detailed operation execution plans. ToolsGroup S&OP software provides a single integrated data model to enable collaboration and optimization. With this single version of the truth, you can create a consistent plan from strategic to tactical to operational.

Stop firefighting and get everyone on the same page

Improve collaboration between functional groups - Image

Improve collaboration between functional groups

The biggest gap in organizations is often between the sales and operations teams. Utilizing detailed modeling within a single data model can bridge that gap, providing a common language and visibility into tradeoffs to balance decision making based on the best overall outcomes.

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Minimize surprises

Connecting planning to execution helps minimize surprises, expediting, and forecast volatility. With a smooth S&OP process supply chain stakeholders can concentrate on fine-tuning the baseline forecast using their market knowledge and less time fighting fires.

Align the whole company around one set of numbers - Image

Align the whole company around one set of numbers

The single integrated data model underlying ToolsGroup S&OP software prevents functional biases from disrupting sales and operational planning. It clearly shows the impact of each decision, so teams can choose outcomes that best align with business goals.

Make smarter decisions - Image

Make smarter decisions

Quickly review any data you need in any way you like, simulating what-if scenarios to see P&L impact.

Configure for your business - Image

Configure for your business

Each business has unique needs and processes. Unlike other solutions that require you to adopt a specific process that matches their software, our S&OP solution is configured to support your existing business processes.


In order to meet the business objectives set by head office, we not only had to redesign the company's S&OP process internally, but also adopt advanced planning technology that would support and automate the process, and guarantee service. One of the clear premises for us was that ToolsGroup technology could be adapted to our processes and way of work.

Jose Aurelio Rosique, Logistics Manager

  • Improved service level to 98%
  • Reduced inventory by 20%
  • Freed up resources from operational tasks

We chose to replace our legacy system with ToolsGroup SO99+ software for its proven ability to take many different variables into account to improve forecast accuracy, make optimal tradeoffs depending on customer channel, and ultimately support S&OP. For the first time, all participants in the supply chain have full network visibility and access to powerful reporting tools.

Simon Thomas, Supply Chain Manager, AGR Europe

  • Maintained top-level forecast accuracy consistently above 97%
  • Improved supplier forecasts by 10%
  • Increased OTiF (on-time, in-full delivery) by 10%

Sales and operations planning software features


Scenario planning

Our simulation environment lets S&OP teams easily make “on-the-fly” calculations to show the supply chain and P&L impacts for a variety of scenarios such as the impact of price increases, promotions, purchasing requirements, and production plans. Advanced algorithms factor in demand and supply chain uncertainty and simulate the impact of inventory on service levels. S&OP teams can continually create and compare multiple scenarios to reach consensus.


Demand collaboration and workflow management

Web-based demand and supply collaboration hubs make core optimization and “what-if” modeling accessible to salespeople, dealers, partners, and suppliers. On the demand side, multiple internal and external stakeholders can fine-tune the baseline forecast by applying their market knowledge. Supply-side stakeholders create a single consensus supply plan that can then be fed back to operations for execution. S&OP workflow enables configuration of the entire S&OP process, defining user roles and task rules.


Demand shaping to match organizational constraints

Each stakeholder has their own view of the single data model, with the ability to run different scenarios. That enables marketing to visualize the effects of demand-shaping activities like promotions and price changes, so they can develop campaigns that produce the best results within existing production and supply capacity.

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