Sales & Operations Planning Software

ToolsGroup’s Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) solution helps companies achieve both higher levels of S&OP maturity and better business outcomes by bridging the gap between strategic planning and operational execution.
Profitably Meet Customer Service Levels and Revenue Projections

Even traditional well-run S&OP processes are being challenged by the growing complexity caused by SKU proliferation, more new product launches, global value chains, shortened and variable lead times, pressure for great service, and an explosion of data. So, to stay competitive and deliver on both service and revenue commitments, companies need to improve their S&OP processes and tools.

ToolsGroup’s S&OP solution is here to help. We know that collaboration and workflow are no longer enough. Our advanced analytics and optimization are coupled with a single unified data model that spans strategic, tactical and operational planning. Together they ensure that you can execute what you plan, resulting in reduced costs, improved service levels and efficient operations.

One Model, Different Views

In the S&OP process, different teams need to view and adjust the same data model in different ways in order to optimize and make decisions. Operations needs visibility into detailed plant-level production and distribution center capacities and constraints. Finance and business executives need a high-level, aggregated view to facilitate business tradeoffs.

Marketing professionals need to adapt their promotions plans to production capacity. With our solution, all S&OP participants view a single unified planning data model in the most appropriate manner for their role and at the level of detail they desire.

Scenario Planning

Our simulation environment lets S&OP teams easily make ‘on the fly’ calculations for a variety of scenarios such as the impact of price increases, promotions and other demand shaping activities, purchasing requirements, and production plans. It translates these into P&L, and vice versa. Advanced algorithms factor in demand and supply chain uncertainty and simulate the impact of inventory on service. S&OP teams can continually define and compare multiple scenarios and reach consensus on best decisions.

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

Our multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) effectively optimizes even complex supply chains, including multiple distribution and manufacturing echelons. It translates service-level goals into an optimal inventory mix that absorbs upstream and downstream supply chain fluctuations. This means that even in complex MEIO environments, S&OP teams can meet high service levels while optimizing sales, inventory and operations. Discover more information about ToolsGroup MEIO.

Demand and Supply Collaboration Hubs

Web-based demand and supply collaboration hubs makes core optimization and “what-if” modeling technology accessible to a broad community of salespeople, dealers, partners and suppliers. On the demand side, multiple internal and external stakeholders fine-tune the baseline forecast by applying their market knowledge. Supply side stakeholders create a single consensus supply plan that can then be fed back to operations for execution.