Event Network Masters Pricing Strategy for Better Business Performance

The leader in cultural attraction retail maximizes profits and potential with data-driven price optimization

Step into the visionary journey of Event Network, the trailblazer in cultural attraction retail, where innovation meets profit maximization through data-driven price optimization.

In 1998, founders Larry Gilbert and Helen embarked on a retail odyssey, starting with a single store at the Titanic Artifact Exhibition. What began as a modest venture evolved into Event Network, now an industry titan in cultural attraction retail.

The heart of Event Network’s mission is to elevate retail potential at experiential attractions. Recognizing the critical role of pricing, the transition from a cost-plus approach became imperative. Enter Evo, the catalyst for transformation.

In the crucible of crisis, Evo emerged as a steadfast partner, amplifying the good and guiding Event Network through a reimagination of inventory and store collections. Fabrizio Fantini, Evo’s CEO, showcased an extraordinary capacity to understand Event Network’s uniqueness, integrating it seamlessly into Evo’s scientific approach.

The true differentiator lies in Evo’s commitment — a high-touch dedication to doing what is necessary and right for the business. Fabrizio’s personalized attention and Evo’s ownership mentality redefine partnership.

Event Network’s CEO, Larry Gilbert, attests to Evo’s unparalleled flexibility, creativity, and positive problem-solving approach applicable beyond retail. Evo’s impact extends to any business willing to embrace a transformative journey.

In Larry’s words, Evo is not just a recommendation; it’s an endorsement without reservation. Event Network’s success story is an open invitation for businesses to join hands with Evo, where excellence isn’t just promised; it’s delivered, exceeding expectations at every turn.