Who we are
We provide supply chain planning software for companies experiencing demand volatility

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For more than 20 years, we have partnered with companies who want to break through their supply chain and business performance barriers. For example:

  • Costa Coffee senses demand at 7000 points-of-sale (POS) to power an award-winning supply chain
  • Danone embeds machine learning in their promotion forecasting, realizing 92% forecast accuracy
  • Internet retailer Wayfair achieved a 6 to 1 reduction in planning workload, while increasing inventory turns to faster than their Amazon competitor

Why should your company settle for less? We can accelerate your business performance through enhanced demand analytics and supply chain planning software. Our solutions model the demand signal so that you master demand volatility and achieve outstanding service levels.

We are business-focused and technology-enabled. If you are ready to stop settling, we are an innovation partner to help you plan your supply chain differently. We’d like to help leverage your data to improve forecast accuracy and increase supply chain performance.

What we do
Our planning software spans demand forecasting, demand sensing, multi-echelon inventory optimization, and S&OP

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Our single-model supply chain planning software includes capabilities such as demand planning, demand sensing, sales and operations planning (S&OP), multi-echelon inventory optimization and promotion forecasting.

It supports highly intelligent decision-making, combined with ease-of-use and dramatically improved planning productivity.

We are successfully deployed at more than 300 customers worldwide in more than 44 countries and we have one of the highest customer retention rates in our industry. Our experience includes manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers in a wide range of demand and inventory-driven industries.

Our History
In 1976, a young MIT master’s graduate in Operations Management joined Draper Labs (an MIT-associated lab) and began work on a challenging project for Fiat’s Automotive Spare Parts Division...

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FIAT had unmanageable inventories and one of the lowest service levels in the European automobile industry.  They needed it fixed.

Back then inventory planning and forecasting usually consisted of simple “deterministic” calculations based on traditional inventory theory. Eugenio Cornacchia had a different mindset.  He signed up a group of talented MIT graduates who had collaborated in the NASA Apollo space project and together they created a new spare parts system from scratch. Within less than a year they had developed the world’s first “stochastic” software that incorporated probability-based algorithms across an entire supply chain planning system, from forecasting to inventory optimization and replenishment. Over the next two decades, their pioneering work evolved into ToolsGroup’s SO99+ platform.

By the way, FIAT was happy. They increased their service levels to “best in class” 92%, while carrying less than 2 months of inventory.  And Eugenio remains today as a founder and the Chief Scientist at ToolsGroup.

"ToolsGroup customers with highly diversified portfolios and complex multi-echelon distribution networks are freeing up considerable working capital while improving service levels."
- Seth Lippincott, principal analyst, Nucleus Research