Driving Supply Chain Digital Transformation with TireHub

TireHub CIO Ashok Vantipalli explains why the tire wholesaler selected ToolsGroup to support its digital supply chain planning transformation.

“While we were looking at the demand supply planning side of the house, we looked at all the industry leaders, without going into the names. But at the end of the day, there are two parts that really made the difference when we selected ToolsGroup. One, most providers do this, right. And the differentiating factor for me with ToolsGroup was the probabilistic model that they use. And then the second piece was their hunger to solve my business problems, as opposed to most technology software vendors: here’s the solution, or here’s the hammer, where’s the nail? There was an immense amount of flexibility from ToolsGroup leadership to really get into the weeds of our business and how they can adapt their tool to meet our business objectives. And those two were key components. We’ve completed a couple of phases and continue to deploy more phases this year. But so far, it’s been a great journey with them.”