Retail Inventory Benchmarks: A Global View of Overstocks, Inflation, and Customer Loyalty

Leverage your inventory to reduce spend, maximize loyalty, and beat inflation

No matter what planning challenges retailers are facing, the fact is, out-of-stocks, inventory glut, and even inflation aren’t going to stop people from shopping.

So, how do you maximize those purchase opportunities and turn sales into loyal customers?

Watch now for the insights you need to maximize margins–and customer satisfaction–while minimizing waste.

You’ll get exclusive analysis from IHL President Greg Buzek, one of NRF’s “People Shaping Retail’s Future,” and ToolsGroup Chief Revenue Officer David Barton.

You’ll walk away understanding:

  • The latest global economic data, including how inflation is impacting global spend
  • Changes in consumer trust of retailer inventory levels over the past two years
  • The actions Amazon Prime members take when looking for inventory at your store
  • How to increase revenue with in-store purchases
  • Real-world examples of how leading retailers are overcoming inventory uncertainties
  • Technology’s role in the future of inventory planning, and how to leverage it for a competitive advantage


BONUS RETAIL DATA: Want to find out how inventory actually impacts customer loyalty? Find out with your free copy of the original research report discussed in this video, detailing the results of IHL and ToolsGroup’s premiere study.

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