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Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Track and serve inventory across your supply chain with a single, real-time view of inventory data

Single channel commerce is no longer realistic. In order to stay competitive, businesses must continue to add demand and fulfillment channels that can meet their customers’ disparate needs. ToolsGroup Real-Time Inventory Visibility helps businesses track and serve inventory data across each of these channels – at web-speed and in real-time – to power unified customer experiences, stress-free channel expansion, and flexible inventory management.

Access more accurate inventory data - Image

Access more accurate inventory data

ToolsGroup Real-Time Inventory Visibility integrates data from siloed systems across your supply chain, eliminating discrepant front-end and back-end records of inventory and ensuring your planners have an actionable view of inventory based on real-time data.

Improve revenue and network scalability - Image

Improve revenue and network scalability

Sell any item from any location through any of your pre-existing channels. And when you want to add more, slot them in seamlessly with zero loss to visibility, accessibility, or configurability. The end result is more revenue across more channels, more quickly.

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Deliver better customer experiences

ToolsGroup maps the end-to-end inventory lifecycle of every product, ensuring you know every impactful event occurring across every channel. That ensures you’re always delivering a consistent, positive experience to customers backed by accurate data – more 5-star ratings, and fewer cancels and out-of-stocks.

Real-time inventory data at your fingertips - Image

Real-time inventory data at your fingertips

A leading women's apparel retailer increased revenue and efficiency with ToolsGroup Real-Time Inventory Visibility.

  • Increased Revenue
    4% YoY increase thanks to real-time visibility into store inventory
  • Improved Management
    40% reduced inventory hours per week
  • Fewer Cancellations
    10% decrease from more effective Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store (BOPIS) experiences

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