ToolsGroup Acquires Mi9 Retail’s Demand Management Business

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Joseph Shamir: Hello everybody, I’m Joseph Shamir, the CEO of ToolsGroup and today I’m at the ToolsGroup offices in Boston. Today, we are very happy to announce ToolsGroup acquisition of Mi9 Retail’s Demand Management business, previously known as JustEnough.

The JustEnough solution technology and team are well respected in the planning space, and we are excited to turn this page and expand the story of ToolsGroup.

This timing is crucial. The disruption we’re all living through in the supply chain has permanently changed the game for retail and supply chains in general. Now it is clear that upstream supply chain visibility and control based on reliable forecasts and correct allocation of inventory are essential for the delivery of goods, and for survival.

The new addition of JustEnough to ToolsGroup is exciting on two fronts:

To our current customers in manufacturing, distribution and retail, the addition of JustEnough provides the technology that allows them to address today’s challenges including: the growing complexity of multichannel—driven by the exponential growth of e-commerce, and real time pricing or merchandising currently dominated by product life cycle and seasonality.

For our future customers, we now offer an end-to-end consumer supply chain planning and optimization solution that will empower them to be ready for anything—including the open supply chain networks of the future.