What Is Service-Driven Supply Chain Planning?

Your products, just like your customers, are each unique. Customers expect some products will always need to be available. For other products, they’re willing to wait a little longer. Traditional planning solutions force you to classify all your products into just three service classes. Planners using ABC classification of inventory end up applying the same inventory policies across too many diverse products and end up with surpluses and shortages. 

At ToolsGroup, everything we do is designed to help you guarantee service to customers–profitably. Service-Driven Planning pinpoints the optimal service level for each individual SKU based on your business objectives and constraints. Think of it as a smart, easy-to-use thermostat for your supply chain. 

In your home, some rooms need a higher temperature than others. The same is true for your products’ service levels. With ToolsGroup, set your service level target by product segment, and the system  automatically sets unique service levels for items–finding the most efficient way to deliver. That means every product has an exact-fit service level designed to meet customer demand–while minimizing stock levels.