8 Actions Wholesale Distributors Can Take To Right-Size Inventory During An Economic Slowdown

In today’s market, it’s not a question of if distributors will face another disruption, but when. Here are the 8 steps companies can take to achieve inventory visibility and leverage AI-powered dynamic planning tools to balance inventory and satisfy demand while protecting margins.

Is Your Inventory Protected Against the Next Disruption?

In the face of a slowing economy and persistent inflation, wholesale distributors must right-size their inventory holdings to meet customer orders while avoiding tying up working capital in excess stock. 



Not only must distributors have a real-time view of inventory and demand, they need to use dynamic planning, adjusting inventory in response to ever-changing market conditions, to avoid surplus stock. 



By using always-on inventory analytics, a distributor gets a complete real-time picture of on-hand stock holdings and incoming demand. A data platform for always-on analytics captures inventory events as they occur and provides insights into inventory needs and performance. Once distributors have this view of their enterprise, they can leverage AI-powered dynamic planning tools to match the right amount and mix of on-hand inventory with customer demand.