ToolsGroup Launches Dynamic Fulfillment for Real-Time Order Fulfillment Optimization

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13 Jul 2023

Retailers can now supercharge their OMS with Dynamic Fulfillment’s advanced optimization logic that reduces markdowns and shipping costs, improves margins, and satisfies customer SLAs.


BOSTON — July 20, 2023  ToolsGroup, a global leader in retail and supply chain planning and optimization software, today announced the launch of Dynamic Fulfillment, a new addition to the JustEnough retail planning and execution suite. This capability enhances a retailer’s OMS with optimized fulfillment plan throughout omnichannel and ship-from-store networks, reducing costs, improving profits, and ensuring more satisfied customers.

“The Dynamic Fulfillment solution from ToolsGroup helps us use data to make smarter, faster decisions to create an even better experience for our customers,” said Paul Kisicki, VP of IT at Zumiez. “The fulfillment optimization logic helps us generate operational efficiencies like reducing split rates and shipping costs while better serving the needs of our customers.”

Unlike traditional, rule-based approaches, Dynamic Fulfillment evaluates every fulfillment option and simultaneously optimizes based on costs, margins, resources, and customer SLAs. Dynamic Fulfillment leverages real-time inventory, demand, and operational signals captured by ToolsGroup’s unique dynamic data unification platform, which provides a digital supply chain twin for optimal sourcing decisions. By integrating Dynamic Fulfillment into their existing order management systems, retailers realize benefits immediately upon adoption.

Core Benefits of Dynamic Fulfillment:

  • Reduce actual cost-to-serve by minimizing shipping and labor costs
  • Increase margins by avoiding forecasted markdowns in stores
  • Maximize profitability while meeting customer SLAs
  • Integrate seamlessly with any OMS through API-powered composable architecture
  • Power faster, more accurate decision making with real-time data on inventory
  • Customers report up to 5% reduction in shipping costs and up to 2% margin improvement

“Omnichannel environments require a level of supply chain coordination and visibility that traditional planning tools cannot provide. At the same time, complexity is escalating as retailers race to construct networks that meet customer expectations,” said Inna Kuznetsova, CEO of ToolsGroup. “That’s why we’ve launched Dynamic Fulfillment, with a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes all logistical factors and costs to optimize fulfillment decisions in real-time. This efficiency translates to increased customer satisfaction, improved margins, fewer CO2 emissions – and a sharper competitive edge.”

Dynamic Fulfillment integrates with the rest of the ToolsGroup JustEnough® solution to deliver unparalleled value and results to retailers around the world. With over 400 customers located in 45 countries, ToolsGroup enables intelligent decision making at the speed of business that transforms retail merchandising and supply chain planning. Customers report a 5% improvement in revenue growth and up to 25% increase in planning efficiency, on top of double-digit reductions in lost sales. Built-in automation cuts the planning workload by up to 90% and helps companies reduce waste by 10-30%.

For more information about Dynamic Fulfillment, read our blog on our new release and register for our upcoming webinar.


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