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Powerfully Simple Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SI&OP)

ToolsGroup Powerfully Simple technology offers an entirely new approach to supply chain planning and S&OP by injecting a much higher level of automation and intelligence into your planning process. Think of it as SCP or S&OP “at the press of a button”.

With the grunt work out of the way, your team is free to focus on what they do best – fine-tuning the plans using their market and business knowledge. Consensus decisions are based on highly automatic statistical analysis of massive amounts of data. You get a smarter planning process that is not subjective, but objective. You achieve sustainable service levels, spot-on inventory targets that drive 30-40% improvements in inventory efficiency, and lower (e.g., 50%) overhead and ownership costs.

By modeling the demand and the supply chain uncertainty and simulating the impact of inventory on customer service, the cross-functional team can define desired target customer service levels by product segment and market segment. The software then translates these service level goals into an optimal inventory mix that absorbs the upstream and downstream supply chain fluctuations.

This allows the team to make fact-based trade-offs in the planning process. They can understand and manage the interdependency between target service level and inventory investment in determining the best way to achieve their business objectives. Planning is focused on a common strategic objective function such as margin attainment. And most important, due to robust and precise modeling, the resulting time-phased capacity constrained plan is feasible.

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