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Powerfully Simple Demand Forecasting

Businesses complexity is growing, driven by multi-channel marketing, the growing influence of demand shaping (media, promotions, NPI), and the impact of the internet on buyer behavior - to name just a few factors.  Yet, surrounded by an explosion of valuable new data, most demand forecasting systems have no way to take advantage of it. They are still using forecasting approaches based on cumbersome algorithms and time series of aggregated sales history. The standard models found in these systems cannot easily identify trends in the data and don’t solve the difficult problem of measuring the impact of external stimuli on baseline demand. They are producing disappointing results, significant forecast errors, and manually intensive processes leading to poor planner productivity.

The good news is that a data-driven approach using more intelligent software has been shown to achieve big improvements in forecast accuracy. And most companies already have the data they need. ToolsGroup’s innovation is to embed technology into its forecasting solution to solve problems that planners face every day and yet have vexed organizations for a long time. ToolsGroup’s demand modelling creates a reliable baseline, then can use machine learning to adjust the baseline by identifying the effect of stimuli and demand indicators at a detailed channel level. It analyses all the relevant variables and the complex interactions among them in a highly automated fashion.

ToolsGroup technology creates a major improvement in demand visibility, forecast quality and level of forecast detail; all critical for reliable supply chain planning.

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