Too often demand collaboration means simply sharing the responsibility for a bad forecast. Not here.

ToolsGroup’s Demand Collaboration Hub (DCH) is a consensus building platform that complements demand forecasting by bringing together data from multiple stakeholders. It is a native web application usable from most operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux), including browsers, tablets, iPhones and Android devices.

It provides a simple-to-use environment where even inexperienced or casual users can collaborate in the forecast planning process. By evaluating and comparing multiple forecasts inputs (from sales departments, POS data or any other source) this unique approach mitigates forecast bias and quickly improves forecast accuracy.

DCH supports both internal sources (such as marketing and salespeople) and external sources (such as partners, retailers, distributors or suppliers). After Demand Forecasting provides the baseline forecast, DCH users add their market knowledge by making changes. The net result is a single consensus forecast, minimizing inter-departmental differences, which can facilitate an SCP or S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) process.