Machine Learning and Social Sensing in Supply Chain Planning

  • Host: Robert J. Bowman, Managing Editor @ Supply Chain Brain
  • Guest: Juan Camilo Durado, Director of Advanced Analytics @ ToolsGroup
  • Topic: Social Sensing and Machine Learning in Supply Chain Planning
  • Release Date: Mar 20, 2017


You really want to know what your customers think of you and your product. Then, you’d better engage in social listening.

Like it or not, social media are here to stay. With all of the negativity characterized so many tweets and posts on twitter, facebook, Instagram and alike. It’s understandable that companies would look upon these channels primarily the sources of pain. But look past trolls and the flame wars, you will discover invaluable tools to discover the customer sentiments and future demand. In fact, no successful companies today getting their ways without social listening and social sensing. From this podcast, you will find out what those terms mean and how they can be exploited.


Key discussions in this podcast:

  • Where are the social data coming from? How reliable are they?
  • What are the difference between social listening and social sensing?
  • How can cloud, machine learning, and artificial intelligence combined provide merchandize with unprecedented source on marketing intelligence?
  • There is normally negativities in social media. How can you analyze the data when the opinions on the social media are skewed?
  • 80% of companies have the data but most companies don’t know how to leverage them. How can the companies leverage the data they have in order to translate it into actionable items?
  • How to distinguish noise from signal - the information that the company can draw from the ocean of big data to burnish their brands and win new customers?
  • Will the humans be out of job if Artificial Intelligence Technology gets mature?

* This podcast was produced by Supply Chain Brain


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