Emma Sleep Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Mauro Adorno: Good morning, Jean Phillipe, I’m very happy to be here. My name is Mauro Adorno. I’m the chief operating officer of ToolsGroup for the EMA/APAC region. I’m here today with Olga, from our great customer, Emma Sleep. And we’re pleased to share our journey with you.

Olga Pshenychna: Hello, happy to meet all of you. I’m Olga Pshenychna. I’m representing from Germany, a very young company, Emma Sleep, that operates in the online eCommerce business. And we are happy to collaborate with ToolsGroups in the transformation of our supply chain.

Olga Pshenychna: The choice wasn’t easy because the market is populated with many different planning solutions. Our main goal was to find a very strong forecasting, demand sensing and modeling tool that was able to meet our planning constraints, and the planning network specifications.

Olga Pshenychna: Emma Sleep is an asset free supply chain, and that means that we own mostly data. We needed a solution that was flexible enough to connect all of our network supply together with customer demand, and to fulfill customer demand in the most efficient, best way possible.

Mauro Adorno: Basically, we started with a very short window of time. Olga and the team were very quick in deciding. This is typical in the commerce sector, so we had to make a decision in weeks, not months. In a couple of months, we were able to roll out the first module, the first functionality in the area of replenishment and inventory planning. And now we’re rolling out other capabilities in the demand forecasting area to complete the design of the solution.

Olga Pshenychna: The main benefit we’re getting out of SO99+ is the stabilizing of our network supply, and supply planning and distribution planning. It is the first step. And our long- term vision is to stabilize demand modeling because we’re operating in more than 30 countries, and we want to speed up the information flow between the market demand and the supply chain installation.

Olga Pshenychna: The quick win of course is the distribution planning from more than 50 suppliers in more than 30 countries, so it’s quite interesting. And then we will be streamlining the new product implementation, and the sales operating models in more robust ways.

Mauro Adorno: We have exciting news that we presented to the market three months ago. We acquired the JustEnough Solution from Mi9 Retail. This solution is really suited and tailor-made for the retail area in which we are going to provide additional services, like merchandising planning, assortment planning, and allocation. And now with the acquisition of JustEnough, we can provide customers like Emma Sleep additional support in the specific area of retail eCommerce.

Mauro Adorno: So, the ambition for 2022 is to fully deploy the combined solution based on SO99+ and JustEnough in order to create an ecosystem of models that span demand sensing, as Olga said, demand forecasting, demand planning, and collaboration, thereby enhancing the inventory optimization modules with the techniques that we usually improve through machine learning technology, and artificial intelligence.

Mauro Adorno: And to integrate for the retail industry additional modules that we are focused on developing because of the strong growth of our team. Because of the acquisition, we went from 300 employees to 400, an exciting step together in 2022.

Mauro Adorno: In terms of economics, we are going to provide additional, combined solutions to improve our customer base. Now, we can provide top-notch service to the retail industry through the new functionalities that we are adding.