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Supply Chain Digital Transformation 2022 Survey Report

Digital transformation in supply chain planning is accelerating as companies around the world look to improve resilience and provide innovations customers expect. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) / ToolsGroup 2022 survey shows a strong focus on the workforce while also increasing investments in automation and supply chain resilience.

The role of the workforce in digital transformation is crucial, amid talent shortages

People rank high when it comes to company objectives for supply chain digital transformation. In fact, recruiting additional staff/offering more training is the number-one investment area for 2022.

  • 53% of companies say a skills deficit stands in the way of digital transformation plans
  • 45% of companies will invest in recruiting additional staff/offering more training

The importance of automation in the supply chain

More than half of the companies surveyed said they plan to increase their level of automation this year as a way to focus their staff on higher-value activities.

  • 51% of companies say they will increase automation in 2022 to focus staff on higher-value activities

Data quality remains a top roadblock to effective digital planning

Despite the fact that data analytics are crucial to success, more than 40% of respondents this year pointed to data quality as a roadblock to supply chain digitization, up nearly five percentage points compared to the 2021 supply chain digital transformation survey.

Companies aim to improve customer service via digitization

Improving customer service levels / order fill rate remains a top objective for supply chain digital transformation for 44% of respondents. 26% cited keeping up with evolving customer behaviors and expectations as a digital objective.

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Supply Chain Digital Transformation 2022 Survey Report