Executive Briefs

Aftermarket & Service Parts Planning

Aftermarket supply chains are characterized by multi-tier distribution networks with large volumes of part numbers and intermittent demand. Traditional supply chain planning solutions don’t address the “long tail” problem, so it’s especially difficult to maintain high service levels across differentiated channels. ToolsGroup solves this service parts planning problem with an exceptional ability to forecast intermittent demand and optimize multi-echelon inventory. Our customers routinely achieve service levels in the mid to high 90s with 20% less inventory. ToolsGroup’s features extremely accurate service level optimization. Rather than working with aggregated time series, our powerful demand modeling analyzes demand history by channel and individual order-line. This level of detail expertly handles fragmented “long tail” demand and life cycle planning (new products introductions, substitute parts and end-of-life). And it does so automatically, using readily available data.