Repsol significantly improved service while reducing inventory


Repsol wanted to start a project to improve product service levels and knew it would not be easy because they wanted a flexible solution that did not interfere with the systems the company was already using.


Improved service level from 81% up to 97% Reduced inventory by 16%

Project & Objectives
Repsol was seeking to achieve customer service excellence (measured in order line fill rate). In addition, they wanted to obtain:

  • Inventory reductions
  • Efficient replenishment of their secondary warehouses from the central warehouse
  • Precise input for manufacturing planning, MPS and MRP

SO99+ was introduced rapidly, achieving integration and co-functioning of several systems. The phases were:

  • Quantitative analysis of the baseline situation, carrying out empirical tests and quantitatively analyzing the potential for desired improvements and savings.
  • Alignment of SO99+’s parameters with the other manufacturing and materials management systems and systems interfacing
  • Ongoing operation of SO99+


Repsol is now able to optimize more than 21,000 SKU-Locations in Lubricants and Paraffins divisions. One of the characteristics most valued by Repsol is SO99+’s flexibility, which made integration with SAP and their other systems very straightforward, and also allows them to easily add new lines of business.

Results & Benefits

Having implemented the project with ToolsGroup, Repsol has achieved the following results:

  • Service level improves from 81% up to 97%
  • Reduction inventory by 16%

In addition, SO99+ enabled them to constantly maintain an optimal service policy, providing them with a reliable estimate of the cost required to fulfill any specified global service objective.

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