RAJA Italy: Guaranteeing Product Availability and 99% Service Levels

Michela Vesta: I’m Michela and welcome to RAJA. RAJA is the leader in the distribution of packaging products such as boxes, tapes, pallets, bags, filling and packaging systems, founded in 1954 by the two founders: Rachel and Janine, whose names form the name of the company. These two entrepreneurs, if we want to describe them in this way, opened their business by selling recycled boxes. Our business model is based on a multi-channel approach, and we are committed to delivering over 5,000 products that are always in stock to 30,000 customers in 24 to 48 hours. We are one of the first companies in our sector to bring the B2C logic to the B2B world by managing over 250 suppliers, and also ensuring a 99% service level.

Michela Vesta: RAJA has always been very attentive to sustainability and green supply chain topics. Our focus is both on product with the research and development of new items with a low environmental impact, and the continuous improvement of the company processes from a lean perspective. For us, it’s really important, the ecological impact of the world supply chain, starting from the selection of the supplier of both product and services, and also the optimization of deliveries and the boost of the logistics. The company is also focused on developing  social sustainability, promoting the enhancement of people’s know-how, and using resources efficiently, especially in the country in which we are working.

Michela Vesta: RAJA Group is more and more committed to digital transformation, and the use of innovative software based on machine learning and IoT. This approach is the driver of our global strategy. The key strength of RAJA is to think as a global company but act at a local level to keep a lean and agile method.

Michela Vesta: Here’s a concrete example of how RAJA Italy is approaching the digital transformation. For several years, our subsidiary has invested in ToolsGroup SO99+ as a system for supply chain planning to optimize our stock level, minimizing overstock, and guarantee product availability with high service levels. This for sure allowed us to be sustainable, even in the procurement phase, consolidating orders, delivery from suppliers, and minimizing unsold goods. In addition, SO99+ facilitated the management of over 5,000 items that support the analysis of data coming from several sources, since we are a multi-channel company also focusing on trends, seasonality, demand growth, supplier lead time, and market uncertainty, especially in the last year.

Michela Vesta: Well, SO99+ is an enterprise tool that supports us in the supply chain planning process, starting from the demand planning phase and also in negotiation with our suppliers. The ToolsGroup team is always present and helps us to adapt the predictive models to market conditions, and also to our needs. Thanks to the constant support and the teamwork, RAJA is maintaining a high level of service and a great brand reputation. We really believe that digital transformation and enabling technologies are the right key and tools to create a virtuous circle that empowers teamwork, supply chain agility, processes, and customer experience.