Predict More Behaviors

The real world rarely lives up to your single-number forecast…

You do the math. You get your target forecast number. You know exactly how many units you need to meet demand. Except … demand for this particular product is starting to vary wildly between SKUs. And you can’t forecast down to the SKU level. Combined with a flash flood and a last-minute promotion that just threw all your predictions off. No single-number forecast can account for this much variability. Traditional demand forecasting simply can’t keep up. With ToolsGroup you can:

  • Move beyond single-number forecasts by identifying a range of outcomes and the probability of each of those outcomes occurring
  • Better predict the unpredictable by factoring in key causal data including promotions, social media, weather, new product introductions and more
  • Automate demand forecasting to eliminate constant human intervention
  • Tap into the power of machine learning to continually improve your demand model