Perform More Efficiently

It’s an age-old question: How do you turn your demand forecast into a plan that will actually hit your service targets?

You need to balance inventory levels across your entire supply chain. From suppliers and factories, through your distribution network all the way down to retailers and end users. All while scheduling production, trimming transportation costs, and optimizing safety stock. With ToolsGroup, you can optimize your product inventory, distribution, and replenishment from the point of supply to point of consumption, maximizing your revenue and profit.

  • Get smarter stock mixes that allow you to assign unique service levels for individual SKUs instead of a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Optimize replenishment cycles to perform more efficiently and effectively at scale
  • Reduce logistics costs by determining the most efficient way to move products across your supply chain
  • Develop a more efficient production schedule by taking into account capacity constraints and connecting the dots between sales and logistics for more seamless supply chain planning
  • Add more dollars to your bottom line by reducing excess inventory and minimizing losses from product obsolescence