Executive Briefs

Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Planning

Your CEO wants Digital Transformation

Here is the scenario. The C Suite says it wants “digital transformation". Your company has an older supply chain planning (SCP) system of record (SOR) like SAP APO that was developed in the 1990s. You may have added some best-of-breed add-ons for specialized applications such as multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO). But it’s clear that this platform is not getting you what you want: a “next generation”, “low touch”, and “not stapled together” supply chain planning platform.


This brief describes goals, technologies and approaches for getting there. It starts with the primary goals of customer service and global visibility that have been around for years, but are now finally within reach. It briefly addresses latest technologies such as self-learning forecasting, scalable cloud-services to support a “digital twin”, and even streaming Internet of Things (IoT) transactions. It ends with additional insights on organization, planner productivity, change management, and how to get started.