Aftermarket Supply Chain Planning

Is Your Aftermarket Parts Supply Chain Ready for Anything?

Aftermarket supply chain planning is challenged by multi-tier distribution networks with large volumes of part numbers and intermittent demand. Traditional supply chain planning solutions don’t address the “long tail” problem, so it’s especially difficult to maintain high service levels across differentiated channels. ToolsGroup solves this service parts supply chain planning problem with an exceptional ability to forecast intermittent demand and optimize multi-echelon inventory. Download our brochure to see how you can:
  • Accurately forecast intermittent and slow-moving parts
  • Plan across an extended multi-echelon distribution network
  • Achieve high service levels while reducing inventory
  • Manage planning across the product life cycle: new product introduction, product replacement, supersession, end of life
  • Scenario plan to understand inventory and margin impact of planning and policy decisions
Aftermarket Supply Chain Planning