With ToolsGroup’s AI-Powered Planning, Legami Delivers Customer-Centric Service While Driving Business Growth

20 Jul 2023

The Italian consumer goods company applies ToolsGroup’s probabilistic forecasting and inventory optimization across its expansive network to enhance customer experience and business value.


BOSTON – July 20, 2023ToolsGroup, a global leader in supply chain and retail planning and optimization software, is thrilled to announce it has been selected by Legami, the Italian consumer goods company, to support its supply chain enhancement initiatives for heightened customer satisfaction and business performance through greater forecast accuracy and more nimble inventory management.

Legami provides a wide array of products, including stationery, journals, calendars, greeting cards, personal care items, and travel and technology accessories. Its network encompasses a range of channels, including more than 40 brick-and-mortar boutiques, 17 shop-in-shops, an e-commerce site, and 10,000 authorized sellers and strategic partnerships with retail chains worldwide.

To achieve a customer-centric supply chain, Legami searched for a planning solution that could reduce its network-wide inventory while maintaining and increasing service levels and business performance. This led to its selection of ToolsGroup Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+). This automated, AI-powered solution includes Demand Planning & Forecasting and Inventory Optimization. With built-in probabilistic forecasting, it interprets demand signals for improved forecast accuracy, supporting demand-driven inventory planning and more granular control of stock levels. This minimizes inventory, reducing the environmental impact of production and transportation, and positions stock optimally to support both customer satisfaction and financial KPIs.

“In today’s fluctuating market, competitive organizations are the ones achieving the optimal balance of resources that satisfies customer demand while propelling business growth,” said ToolsGroup CEO, Inna Kuznetsova. “ToolsGroup’s AI-driven dynamic planning delivers the demand-sensitive inventory management that helps companies identify and realize untapped business potential. We’re thrilled to partner with Legami to power better, faster planning decisions that lower working capital investments, widen margins, and guarantee a superior customer experience.”


About Legami

Legami (www.legami.com) is an Italian company active in the consumer goods industry, with a wide and varied offering that covers multiple sectors: Stationery, Diaries and Calendars, Greeting Cards, Lifestyle, Beauty, Hi-Tech, Travel and Accessories.

With a strong emphasis on innovation, aesthetics, materials and production processes, the pillars of Legami’s corporate philosophy are passion, ethics, transparency, integrity, and respect for people and the environment.

The creative soul and heart of Legami are in Italy, where all the products are designed and where the majority of the company’s 300+ employees work.

Legami has a global network presence: more than 40 boutiques owned in Italy, the eCommerce channel www.legami.com, 17 shops-in-shops, over 400 corners, 10,000 authorized sellers and strategic partnerships with the most important bookshops and chains in the world.


About ToolsGroup

ToolsGroup’s innovative AI-powered solutions enable retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to navigate through supply chain uncertainty. Our retail and supply chain planning suites empower a new level of intelligent decision making and unlock powerful business improvements in forecast accuracy, service levels, and inventory – delighting customers and achieving financial and ESG KPIs. Stay in touch with ToolsGroup on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or visit www.toolsgroup.com.

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