ToolsGroup’s Support for Humanitarian and Environmental Initiatives Demonstrates its Core Values

6 Apr 2021

Supply chain planning software provider proud to support Unicef, the Ocean Cleanup, World Wildlife Fund, and Banco Farmaceutico Foundation.

BOSTON, April 6, 2021 – ToolsGroup, a global leader in supply chain planning software, is proud to support global humanitarian and environmental organizations including Unicef, the Ocean Cleanup, World Wildlife Fund, and Banco Farmaceutico Foundation. Donations to these organizations demonstrate ToolsGroup’s core values of innovation, collaboration, passion for excellence, and reliability.

ToolsGroup’s service-driven supply chain planning solutions help companies maintain or improve target service levels while minimizing inventory, no matter how complex their supply chain is or how much demand changes. Apart from relentless focus on customer value, ToolsGroup’s leadership and staff place a high value on social responsibility.

ToolsGroup customer COPAN is a world leader in the production of viral sample collection kits used for COVID-19 testing. COPAN will implement ToolsGroup’s machine learning-augmented supply chain planning software to guarantee the availability of critical products like specimen collection devices. ToolsGroup has contributed a significant portion of the revenues from this project to the purchase of swabs and transport medium for COVID-19 testing, donated to Banco Farmaceutico Foundation for distribution to health facilities in the areas with the most urgent need.

By donating to Unicef, ToolsGroup supports the organization’s life-saving work providing vulnerable children and adolescents around the world with much-needed vaccines, nutritious food, water treatment, and many other critical services.

As part of ToolsGroup’s corporate environmental stewardship, a donation was made to The Ocean Cleanup, an innovative organization that collects plastic waste from oceans and rivers and recycles the plastic to produce sunglasses that are sold to fund further clean-up. In January, the company launched the first annual ToolsGroup Green Race. Staff around the world ran, walked, and cycled to raise funds donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

“Whether we’re working with our customers or raising funds for vulnerable children and wildlife, the ToolsGroup team demonstrates that we are more than a software company,” said ToolsGroup CEO Joseph Shamir. “We are a global family committed to doing our best work to make the world a better place.”


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