ToolsGroup JustEnough® Brings Responsive AI to NRF 2024

14 Dec 2023

Thanks to the recently integrated EvoAI engine, JustEnough leads the charge in AI-driven retail planning and execution.


BOSTON – December 14, 2023 – ToolsGroup, a global leader in retail and supply chain planning and optimization software, announces that it will be exhibiting the latest AI enhancements to its JustEnough Retail Planning & Execution suite at NRF 2024, Retail’s Biggest Show, January 14-16, 2024.

NRF 2024 is a retail tradeshow that brings together more than 6,200 brands from around the globe to New York City for three days of learning, collaboration, and discovery. The event will welcome over 40,000 attendees and feature 1,000 exhibitors. 450 speakers across 170 sessions will cover topics and trends such as AI and machine learning, customer experience, digital transformation, de-risking supply chains, and more.

Retailers and industry thought leaders will have the opportunity to see firsthand the impact of JustEnough’s latest developments at Booth #3948. Long established as a formidable player in the retail software arena, JustEnough now boasts the latest responsive AI technology, thanks to ToolsGroup’s recent acquisition of the EvoAI engine. With these cutting-edge innovations, JustEnough ups the ante by adding dynamic pricing capabilities to its long list of industry-leading solutions, including Merchandise & Assortment Planning, Replenishment & Allocation, and Dynamic Fulfillment. The dynamic pricing strategy, a new approach to price optimization, maximizes margins and revenues and reduces waste by automating optimal lifecycle prices for each SKU in each channel – and it’s just one example of the powerful benefits of responsive AI.

“With ToolsGroup’s responsive AI, retailers can sense, predict, and respond to subtle but profound marketplace changes, finding optimal ways to serve customers while improving revenue,” said Jason Gautereaux, Vice President of New Customer Sales. “By optimizing reality – working with real-time data for real-time improvements – we enable organizations to make intelligent decisions and drive profitability.

“But it’s not just about the bottom line. We’re excited to seize this momentous opportunity to not only find new AI applications within retail but also guide those applications towards a future where supply chains are a force for good. We’re helping organizations maximize their business potential while improving efficiency and minimizing waste – which is good news for the environment.”

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