Supply Chain Success Prompts ToolsGroup-Lãberit Partnership to Expand into LATAM

25 Jul 2023

After fruitful collaboration in Europe, the partners in supply chain software implementation celebrate a significant regional expansion.


BOSTON and VALENCIA – July 25, 2023ToolsGroup, a global leader in retail and supply chain planning and optimization software, and Lãberit, one of Spain’s leading IT companies dedicated to consulting, development, and maintenance of digital solutions for diverse industries worldwide, are proud to announce that together, they are providing award-winning supply chain solutions to Spain and Latin America.

The partnership began in 2021, as ToolsGroup explored more avenues for leveraging its powerful AI-driven supply chain planning solutions. In the wake of disruption, interest in probabilistic forecasting and ToolsGroup’s acclaimed solutions began skyrocketing, spurring the search for additional resources to support the company’s increasing scope. At the same time, Lãberit had begun expanding its consulting services to organizations throughout the supply chain sector. The two companies recognized the tremendous potential for a partnership that could meet the increased demand for supply chain solutions across Europe and Latin America. Soon after, ToolsGroup’s probabilistic Demand Planning & Forecasting became the foundation of Lãberit’s Supply Chain & Industry 4.0 offering.

The ToolsGroup and Lãberit partnership is already benefiting a large company dedicated to supplying products, services, and solutions to the ceramics and glass sector, supporting them in achieving efficient demand planning and inventory optimization with an end-to-end supply chain solution.

With a growing joint customer base and business continuing to develop, Lãberit and ToolsGroup are excited to expand their offering into Spain and Latin America, continuing their close collaboration and delivering supply chain excellence across multiple regions.

“For us at Lãberit, the collaboration between our two companies is strategically significant, as we seek to find the most suitable solutions for the entire logistics process. Leveraging cutting-edge technological tools, such as machine learning-based supply chain planning, is paramount in effectively managing uncertainties and optimizing costs across various aspects, including inventory, freight, obsolescence, and potential sales losses,” said Juan Jiménez, Industry Director at Lãberit.

“At ToolsGroup, our partnerships are a driving force behind growth and customer success,” said Mauro Adorno, VP of Global Alliances. “We’re excited to see our relationship with Lãberit develop and prosper, powering supply chain transformation and bringing real-world value to customers worldwide.”

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About Lãberit

Lãberit is a leading company in the software development and technological solutions industry in our country. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, we prioritize the human aspect of our workforce, spread across offices in major cities in Spain and Latin America. Our expertise extends to various sectors, including public administration, banking, insurance, telecommunications and media, energy and utilities, industry, and healthcare. We are also expanding our presence in Latin America, Africa, the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, reflecting our growing interests in these countries.


About ToolsGroup

ToolsGroup’s innovative AI-powered solutions enable retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to navigate through supply chain uncertainty. Our retail and supply chain planning suites empower a new level of intelligent decision-making and unlock powerful business improvements in forecast accuracy, service levels, and inventory – delighting customers and achieving financial and sustainability KPIs. Stay in touch with ToolsGroup on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or visit www.toolsgroup.com.

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