HERO: Road to Excellence in Supply Chain with the Help of ToolsGroup

26 Feb 2015

A new S&OP process, supported by ToolsGroup’s “Powerfully Simple” technology, has turned Hero Spain into the Group’s leader, with better results for forecast accuracy, inventory and service level

Barcelona, 26 February, 2015. HERO Spain, an advanced nutrition company belonging to the Hero Group, has entrusted ToolsGroup with the implementation of the Sales and Operations Planning project in order to achieve a substantial sustained improvement in Supply Chain KPIs. That is, product availability, effective inventory, and forecast accuracy — as established for the member companies of the Hero Group.

Relying on ToolsGroup’s advanced “Powerfully Simple” technology and specifically its Service Optimizer 99+ software, the project has gone a step further to reduce the company’s inventory levels without harming the high level of service required by the market. Thus, with the introduction of the new S&OP process, its scope covers the objectives of “end to end” automation of the Supply Chain Planning (Demand, Inventory and Replenishment and the achievement of business objectives, by optimizing the stock to service, always considering all the features and requirements of HERO.

For Felipe M. Mercader, Director of Purchasing and Logistics Hero Spain: “If we wanted to meet business goals set by the group, we should not only internally redesign the S&OP process, but also acquire advanced technology planning to support and automate the process with guarantees. ”

For his part, José Aurelio Rosique Head of Logistics at Hero Spain, remarks: “One of the clear premises we had before starting the project that we transmitted to ToolsGroup was that the technology should adapt to our processes and ways of working.”

From a qualitative point of view, improvements in this project have settled mainly in the support and automation of S&OP process. Thus, this automation has freed Hero Spain resources previously allocated to operational tasks to devote to analytical tasks and added value provided by the SO99+ solution.

“Today our S&OP process supported by the solution ToolsGroup makes Hero Spain the leader of the Group with better results in forecast accuracy, inventory and service level,” says Mr. Mercader, “ToolsGroup has led Hero excellence, efficiency and quality in operations, plus the ability to optimize the overall process.”


About Hero Spain

Hero Group is present in more than 15 countries and exports its products to 5 continents. It was founded in 1886 in Lenzburg, Switzerland, and shortly after the turn of the century began its international expansion with the first subsidiaries in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Its activity in Spain begins in 1922. Throughout these years of history, Hero Spain has gone from being a company preserves and traditional food to an advanced nutrition company, oriented tor, development and innovation.

Hero Spain has a wide range of products on the market, with a total of over 1100 SKUs, grouped in various shades ranging from infant feeding, jams, juices, Dietetic Products and Hospital. These products are present in more than 1000 customers and 7000 outlets. Its revenue in 2013 amounted to 209 million euros and currently is the leading brand of infant feeding, jams and marmalades. For more information, visit www.hero.es.

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