Entertainment Retail Industries Selects ToolsGroup to Improve Supply Chain Agility

17 Aug 2022

BOSTON – August 17, 2022ToolsGroup, a global leader in AI-driven retail and supply chain planning and optimization software, has been selected by Entertainment Retail Enterprises (ERE), a leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of customized retail products including apparel, accessories, and home goods. The partnership with ToolsGroup will help ERE increase supply chain agility, unify its planning data and processes, sharpen forecast accuracy, and reduce holding costs while ensuring exceptional service to customers.

ERE has over 20 years of experience, providing development and manufacturing of licensed and private label merchandise for some of the best known, iconic brands and retailers in the world, including Legendary Whitetails, Ford, Amazon, and Mars M&M’s.

“With myriad style, size, and color options for apparel and seasonal lines, maintaining the right mix of inventory in the distribution network is crucial,” said Tina Calvo, President of ERE. “ToolsGroup will help ERE be more agile, allowing us to continue to exceed customer expectations while making good use of working capital to support growth.”

Equipped with ToolsGroup Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+) demand planning and forecasting, inventory optimization, and replenishment, ERE can continue its current growth trajectory while optimizing inventory in its distribution network, bolstering the company against challenges like supply disruptions and constantly shifting demand trends.

“Companies that have the ability to automate intelligent decisions and continuously monitor changing demand patterns to adjust inventory planning and fulfillment in near-real time will continue to lead in their markets,” said ToolsGroup Chief Revenue Officer David Barton. “We are proud to partner with market leaders like ERE who redesign their supply chains for resilience and agility in the face of protracted supplier lead times, warehouse capacity constraints, and ever-fluctuating demand.”



About ToolsGroup

ToolsGroup’s innovative AI-powered solutions enable retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to outsmart supply chain uncertainty and deliver inventory performance from source to customer doorstep to maximize revenue and profitability. Our planning suite optimizes and automates supply chains to unlock powerful business improvements in forecast accuracy, service and inventory levels, and financial KPIs, to empower a new level of intelligent, flexible decision-making. Stay in touch with ToolsGroup on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or visit www.toolsgroup.com.


About ERE

For over 20 years Entertainment Retail Enterprises has been the leading design and distribution company in destination retail, providing development and manufacturing of licensed and private label merchandise for some of the best known, iconic brands and retailers in the world. We partner with brands and retailers to design, develop and manufacture fresh, and exciting products in cohesive assortments. Our specialty is developing customized products featuring on-trend graphics & design, delivered across multiple channels with diverse fulfillment criteria. For more information about ERE, please visit http://ere-sri.com/.

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