BOARD International and ToolsGroup Sign Partnership Agreement

10 Jan 2017

BOARD platform to help power ToolsGroup’s S&OP and supply chain planning solutions

Milan, January 10 2017 – BOARD International, global leading provider of Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Predictive Analytics unified software solutions, and ToolsGroup, the international leading provider of demand analytics, inventory optimization and supply chain planning software, are pleased to announce their business partnership agreement. The two companies aim to offer outstanding decision-making support for customers who want to achieve a higher level of alignment between strategic and execution levels by implementing a truly integrated and optimized Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process.

The OEM agreement combines ToolsGroup’s supply chain planning and optimization with BOARD’s memory resident technology to achieve never-seen data quality across multiple scenarios. The combined S&OP solution makes optimization and “what-if” modeling accessible to a broad community of internal and external stakeholders in a collaborative environment. It supports multiple simulated alternatives both on the demand side (price changes, new promotions, etc.) and supply side (production resources capacity change, activation of alternative suppliers, etc.). Contextual visualization supports comparison of P&L effects for alternative scenarios.

For more than 25 years, ToolsGroup’s software has helped achieve superior business outcomes in complex demand-driven environments. ToolsGroup leverages quantitative and qualitative data to deliver predictive demand signals and enhance the effectiveness of the planning process. Their solutions span areas such as Demand Planning, Demand Sensing, Promotion Forecasting and Inventory Optimization. These solutions ensure an end-to-end process that minimizes the bullwhip effect, scales easily, and provides deep insight into demand signals, inventory behaviors and supply chain volatility, providing a high level of service.

BOARD is the decision-making platform that allows users to develop any customized analytic, planning and simulation applications in a fraction of the time and cost required by traditional solutions on the market, without the need for any coding. BOARD helps to implement a visual and interactive self-service environment, empowering users with relevant actionable insights.

By combining ToolsGroup’s supply chain technology with the BOARD platform’s ease of use, flexibility and pervasiveness, customers will be able to intuitively drill into the value of data and modify it with a few clicks, without requiring any algorithm design skills. The integration between BOARD and ToolsGroup applications will allow organizations to meet a broad range of S&OP and supply chain needs, including complex vertical industry requirements.

In addition, the partnership with ToolsGroup will sharpen BOARD’s capabilities within multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO), demand sensing and self-adaptive demand forecasting.

“This unique combination of technologies allows us to offer customers a unified set of data available at all levels of planning: strategic, operational, and execution; helping customers solve the most pressing problem they face with S&OP today: connecting S&OP to operational planning and execution”, said ToolsGroup CEO Joe Shamir.

“The partnership with ToolsGroup is an important step to help organizations sharpen decision making processes along the entire supply chain, through an increasing capability to meet the toughest S&OP needs”, added Giovanni Grossi – CEO at BOARD International.

About BOARD International

BOARD is the #1 decision-making platform for organizations of any size. Founded in 1994, BOARD International has enabled more than 3,500 companies worldwide to rapidly deploy Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Predictive Analytics applications on a single unified and programming-free platform. The BOARD platform allow companies to achieve a single, accurate and complete view of business information and a full control of performance across the entire organization, from strategic formulation down to operational execution. Thanks to its programming-free toolkit approach, global enterprises such as H&M, KPMG, DHL, Mitsubishi, NEC, Puma, Rolls-Royce, Siemens have rapidly deployed end-to end decision-making applications in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional solutions. Headquartered in Chiasso, Switzerland, and Boston, MA, BOARD International has 21 offices around the world and a global reseller network. BOARD has been implemented in over 100 countries. For more information, visit www.board.com or follow us on Twitter @BOARDSoftware.

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