Belcorp’s Supply Chain Gets a Makeover with ToolsGroup’s Supply Chain Planning Solutions

23 Feb 2023

With ToolsGroup’s suite of planning solutions, the cosmetic company wants to balance inventories and service to make better, smarter and faster decisions within its supply chain network.


BOSTON — February 23, 2023 —  ToolsGroup, a global leader in retail and supply chain planning and optimization software, has been selected by Belcorp, a beauty corporation, to improve its supply chain planning practices for enhanced inventory performance and elevated service levels.

A multinational corporation with 55 years of experience in the beauty industry, Belcorp seeks to promote beauty and inspire personal fulfillment through its brands ésika, L’Bel, and Cyzone, serving millions of people throughout Latin America.

“Our primary goal is delighting our customers and providing products they can feel good about. That’s why we seized this opportunity to adopt a process that would streamline the consumer experience while also safeguarding our financial expectations,” says Nicolas Frasquet, Corporate Procurement Executive Director. “ToolsGroup’s suite of solutions will enable agile, high-level decision making and minimize our environmental impact by reducing and properly positioning inventory across our network. Plus, the ToolsGroup team’s expertise and open communication prove we can depend on them to be an engaged partner as we refine our supply chain operations.”

Belcorp wanted to increase customer satisfaction while boosting profitability and reducing inventory. This required right-sizing inventory levels and improving stock positions throughout its network. Belcorp’s search for a world-class supply chain planning solution led to the selection of ToolsGroup Demand Planning, Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization, and Replenishment. Thanks to automation and powerful statistical, optimization and heuristics algorithms, this planning suite untangles complexity and calculates optimal stock targets, decreasing the amount of on-hand inventory and positioning it where it can best fulfill demand, resulting in minimal working capital investment and increased service levels.

“Every supply chain decision a company makes either supports its priorities or endangers them,” says ToolsGroup CEO, Inna Kuznetsova. “This is why next-generation supply chain planning solutions play a pivotal role in customer experience, profitability, and sustainability, allowing companies to navigate uncertainty with speed and accuracy. We want to make the supply chain a force for good, and that begins with conscientious companies like Belcorp who are ready to adopt these new technologies, maximizing supply chain efficiency and business performance while reducing carbon footprints.”


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About Belcorp

Belcorp is a corporation with 55 years of experience in the beauty industry, operating under the direct sales model. The company promotes beauty to achieve personal fulfillment through its brands ésika, L’Bel and Cyzone, generating a positive impact on millions of people in the Americas, with a network of more than 840 thousand independent beauty consultants in 14 countries.


About ToolsGroup

ToolsGroup’s innovative AI-powered solutions enable retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to navigate through supply chain uncertainty. Our retail and supply chain planning suites empower a new level of intelligent decision making, and unlock powerful business improvements in forecast accuracy, service levels, and inventory – delighting customers and achieving financial and ESG KPIs. Stay in touch with ToolsGroup on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or visit www.toolsgroup.com.

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