Eurofred improved customer service levels while controlling inventory


Eurofred was challenged with planning and optimizing its complex supply chain in order to improve customer service levels and manage stock levels.


Improved customer service levels Automated the purchase process Increased inventory control and reduced stock obsolescence

Project & Objectives
Grupo Eurofred licensed ToolsGroup SO99+ to optimize planning in two divisions, machinery and spare parts. In both, the objectives were to:

  • Improve customer service levels
  • Manage stock levels rationally and efficiently
  • Reduce stock obsolescence
  • Automate and improve the purchasing and replenishment processes


The scope of Eurofred’s project was to plan the products of both divisions (machines and spare parts), optimizing all the way to the SKU level (Item/Location) throughout the distribution network (that was composed ofseveral primary and secondary warehouses). Thus, SO99+ had to manage the two divisions with different but equally complex problems and each with a large number of items and suppliers.

Results & Benefits

Eurofred quickly achieved:

  • An improvement in customer service levels
  • Automation of the purchase processes, applying a new planning methodology to all products
  • Increased inventory control and a reduction in stock obsolescence
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