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Six Most-Read Supply Chain Planning Blogs of 2019

By Jennifer Randall14 Jan 2020

Happy New Year! 2019 is officially in the books, and it’s a perfect time to reflect on the past 12 months as we dive into planning for 2020. Throughout the year our ToolsGroup supply chain planning blog contributors kept you up to speed on the trends, technologies and influencers shaping our industry. Enjoy six of our most-read blogs from 2019–and be sure to subscribe to receive our blogs twice a month


How to Make Supply Chain Complexity Work to Your Advantage
With supply chain complexity increasing at an unprecedented rate, perhaps the biggest challenge for businesses is figuring out how to navigate this uncertainty to deliver service profitably. Jeff Bezos of Amazon figured out how to do three seemingly contradictory things at once: deliver exceptional service levels, at the lowest cost possible, and manage complexity. Here’s how to achieve all three with true success.


Five Things You Need to Know about Inventory Optimization in the Digital Age
With all the buzz around digital transformation, someone peering in from outside supply chain may assume most businesses have already digitized essential tasks like inventory planning. The reality is that this transformation takes time and a change of mindset. It’s about learning to transition from long-held inventory systems and processes, having new conversations across logistics and sales, and the shifting role of supply chain planners. This article will share five things you need to know about optimizing inventory in the digital age.

Quick Start Guide to Using Machine Learning for Demand Planning
While demand planning and machine learning may go together like peanut butter and jelly, successfully harnessing this technology requires careful consideration and preparation. Gartner research shows that “three of the top five reasons why organizations haven’t adopted AI are related to an inability to articulate a roadmap.” We’ve compiled a few considerations to quickly get you on your way to successfully incorporating machine learning into demand planning processes.


The Absolut Company: Balancing Service and Inventory Creates a Delicious Mix
With continuously shifting consumer preferences and brands around the world rushing to deliver delicious new options for alcoholic beverages, The Absolut Company has been able to navigate the increased complexity while staying true to its heritage and commitment to quality and sustainability. Here’s how Absolut’s modern approach to supply chain planning balances nicely with the company’s traditional production practices.


Robots in the Building: The Positive Influence of AI for Supply Chain Planners
Have you looked at a job listing for a supply chain planner recently? The planner’s role has expanded to include a combination of technical skills and communications and interpersonal skills. Not surprisingly, it’s becoming more and more difficult to recruit planners with this skillset mix. Today more companies are ‘outsourcing’ tasks to technology. Although it appears likely that automation will replace some tasks and roles, the ones that remain will be far more desirable. 


A Quick Method for Assessing Inventory Health
In this popular blog we take a look at a relatively quick way to assess inventory health. It all starts with a demand-driven approach. Even though we are talking about inventory, we first have to understand customer buying behavior—and how that then translates into inventory requirements. Check out this blog to learn the prescription through simple case examples.

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