Optimize retail promotions to ensure positive ROI from each promotion with ToolsGroup promotions management software

Retail promotions are a critical lever to increase demand for your product, yet up to a third of promos have minimal or even negative impact on sales–all while increasing customer expectations for discounts. It’s a deadly cycle.

Retailers need a way to ensure that sacrificed margin will reliably deliver the desired uplift in sales and revenue, yet most promotions management software simply helps you manage workflows, not optimize results.

PromoAI is the unique promo optimization software designed to maximize promotional uplift in sales while minimizing the margin sacrificed to do so.  Ensure positive ROI from any discount or special promotion all season long. PromoAI pinpoints the ideal timing, product, and discount level for each promotion.


Optimizing GMROI in Real-Time:

Dynamic Inventory Movement Across the Store Network

Responsive Real-Time Inventory Management and Rebalancing

Maximize Promotional ROI - Image

Maximize Promotional ROI

Ensure that promotions are optimized to simultaneously maximize the sales lift created by the promotion and minimize margin sacrificed to do so.

Stop the Deadly Cycle of Increasing Promotions - Image

Stop the Deadly Cycle of Increasing Promotions

Poorly planned promotions don’t just fail to achieve intended ROI. They also increase customer demand for discounts, furthering a deadly cycle that erodes margin.

Automate Processes and Minimize Errors - Image

Automate Processes and Minimize Errors

Streamline workflows related to promotions planning with a promotions planning software designed to reduce the mistakes created by manual planning.

Achieve Full Visibility of Promotional Impact - Image

Achieve Full Visibility of Promotional Impact

Know exactly how each promotion is performing in real-time, as well as gain better insights into future promotional strategy with a comprehensive restrospective.

Protect Your Brand - Image

Protect Your Brand

Protect brand value and perception by ensuring you don’t discount too deeply or initiate promotions that are not viable due to product mix, availability, or other factors.

Delight Customers and Drive Loyalty - Image

Delight Customers and Drive Loyalty

Make consistently customer-centric marketing offers with compelling promotions based on customer interests, demographics, and location.

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