With ToolsGroup Demand Planning Software, DAB Pumps Streamlines Forecasting Processes for an Improved Customer Experience

16 Mar 2023

DAB Pumps puts customers and the environment first, while increasing planning efficiency, thanks to ToolsGroup’s powerful automation and artificial intelligence


BOSTON — March 16, 2023 — ToolsGroup, a global leader in retail and supply chain planning and optimization software, has been selected by DAB Pumps, a leading manufacturer of water management equipment, to enhance its forecasting processes and increase planning efficiency for a better understanding of customer demand, higher service levels, and improved profitability.

With six production sites across Italy, Hungary, and China, 12 sales offices worldwide, 1,700 employees, and a constantly growing business, DAB Pumps has established itself as one of the sector’s market leaders, thanks to the wide range of technological solutions aimed at optimizing energy consumption in domestic, residential, civil, and commercial applications, as well as in agricultural irrigation systems.

“Our flexible, customer-oriented approach helps us set the standard for service and innovation in the water technology industry,” said Ilaria Mercanzin, Group Demand & Resources Planning Manager. We knew we could maintain and raise this level of service, limit waste, and improve profitability by adopting a solution that applies this innovative drive to our planning processes, streamlines collaboration, and increases forecast accuracy.”

DAB Pumps selected ToolsGroup Demand Planning software, initially focusing on the demand planning and modeling process that would support all supply chain operations and planning phases. ToolsGroup’s unique forecasting approach generates statistical forecasts on a granular level, calculating demand for each item at each location for a finite understanding of customer needs. It also provides greater demand insights, accounting for seasonality, supporting forecast adjustments, managing product life cycles, and accelerating the forecast consensus process. This empowers the company to better manage inventory and increase customer satisfaction and service levels, all while improving profit margins.

“Supply chains will be the most important part of prosperous and sustainable business practices in the future,” says ToolsGroup CEO, Inna Kuznetsova. “That’s why ToolsGroup is at the vanguard of automated, AI-driven supply chain planning that helps customers improve productivity, anticipate and counter uncertainty, and minimize their environmental impact. We’re excited that with the help of our solutions, DAB Pump’s planning processes will complement the company’s existing sustainability initiatives.”


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About DAB Pumps

Six production sites, four in Italy (with headquarters in Mestrino) and two abroad in Hungary and China, 12 sales offices and six representative offices worldwide, 1,700 employees, a turnover of 430 million euros. These are the numbers of DAB Pumps, a company born in Padua in 1975 specialized in the field of technologies for the movement and management of water. A success story, daughter of the continuous ability to adapt to change and to build one’s own path in the belief that people and ideas come before products. The constant commitment to guaranteeing high standards of performance, the declared orientation towards sustainability and transparency, the flexible and customer-focused approach, the enhancement of human resources, the forward-looking but concrete entrepreneurial vision, which embraces the new challenges of digital and that offers its customers simple and effective solutions thanks to the know-how and talent of its professionals: these are the distinctive features of the company philosophy that have made DAB Pumps one of the big reference players in the sector at an international level. For more information visit www.dabpumps.com, or follow DAB Pumps on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook.


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