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Infographic: Why ToolsGroup?

26 Jan 2021

ToolsGroup is how organizations achieve their target service levels while optimizing inventory—no matter how complex their supply chain is or how much demand changes. That way, they can be ready for anything.

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What makes ToolsGroup different?

1. Probabilistic forecasting: Instead of a single number, identify a range of demand outcomes and the probability of each of those outcomes occurring, so you can make educated trade-offs based on your business priorities.

2. Inventory optimization: Our service-driven approach optimizes inventory—even for items with intermittent demand—across your network to consistently achieve high customer service level objectives.

3. Machine learning automation: Our self-learning technology makes smarter predictions over time–and does the grunt work so your planners are more productive. Our automated tool does the heavy lifting, reducing planner workload by 50-90%, so your planners can focus on more strategic work.


No matter their industry, ToolsGroup customers raise service levels while reducing inventory. Our customers commonly achieve:

  • 10-30% reduction in inventory
  • Improved product availability to 96% or better
  • Reduce overhead such as overtime and expedited freight by more than 50%
  • 50-90% reduction in planner workload


Want to see for yourself? Check out your potential savings using our benefit calculator.


Service-driven planning solutions

  • Demand Forecasting & Planning
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Allocation & Replenishment
  • Supply Planning & Optimization
  • Production & Capacity Planning
  • Demand Sensing
  • Promotions Planning
  • S&OP


What do our customers think?

“We partnered with ToolsGroup so that no matter what tomorrow brings, we can deliver service to customers while effectively managing our inventory.”

– Flynn Chernos, SVP Inventory Management and Merchandise Support, Guitar Center


“Thanks to ToolsGroup applying its machine learning technology to our problem in a creative way, we’re now much better geared up to serve our demanding client base without impacting our bottom line.”

– Nick Wilson, Senior Inventory Planner, Parts Operations, Aston Martin


“The results we’ve achieved prove the merits of an automated, centralized planning approach rather than a manual, decentralized process. We are managing successfully during a period of high growth and still have control over our inventories.”

– Rickard Andersson, Vice President of Supply Chain, Thule

Our story

In 1976, Eugenio Cornacchia joined MIT-associated Draper Lab to help Fiat Automotive’s spare parts division fix their unmanageable inventories and low service levels. Seeing that their traditional inventory theory wasn’t up to the challenge of the real world, he brought together a group of talented MIT graduates to invent a new spare parts system in less than a year. It was the world’s first “stochastic” software that incorporated probability-based algorithms across an entire supply chain planning system. The result? Fiat increased its service levels to 92% while carrying less than two months of inventory.

Cornacchia then teamed up with Joseph Shamir to launch ToolsGroup—the first service-driven, machine-learning powered software for supply chain planning.

With you all the way

Our service-driven solution is backed by experienced consultants who are ready to help you tackle any supply chain challenge, from fluctuating demand to ballooning inventory. With ToolsGroup, you’re not just getting best-in-class technology; you’re getting a team of trusted advisors dedicated to making sure you meet your business objectives.

Subscribe to the Supply Chain Planning Blog

Keep up with the latest trends, research, and insights about supply chain planning, demand forecasting and inventory optimization.

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