As your business grows and customer expectations rise, spreadsheet and legacy system based demand forecasting and inventory planning fall short. The results are planning inefficiencies, waste, and dissatisfied customers. You know change is needed, but perhaps you’re unsure how to get started.

Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory is an easy-to-use, pay-as-you go forecasting and inventory optimization tool easily deployed in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Quickly generate accurate demand forecasts and optimized inventory plans

Increase product availability and reduce stock investment

Stop poring over spreadsheets and fire-fighting and focus on your business

Two Ways to Use, Same Powerful Results

User Console

Use the easy-to-use console to upload your data, select if you want a demand forecast only or also an inventory plan, and then use the results to improve your business performance.


Use the API interface to add accurate demand forecasting and inventory planning to your own system.

How it Works

Step 1

Upload your sales history and target service levels and the machine learning powered engines do the rest.

Step 2

You can select generating just a demand forecast or a forecast and an inventory plan.

Step 3

The results can be used either directly in the user interface or exported through files or the API interface to be used in other applications.

What Does my Optimized Plan Look Like?

Run forecasting only or forecasting and inventory optimization.

Forecast by Item/Location

The demand plan by Item/Location can be exported with different levels of granularity: month, week or day.

Inventory Plans

The optimal stock level for each Item/Location combination is calculated to deliver the target service level and guarantee product availability.

Experience the Benefits of Digital Supply Chain Planning

With Supply Chain Forecast | Inventory you can make better, faster decisions and improve business performance.


inventory reduction


service improvement


reduction in planner workload

Are you facing more complexities?

If you have more than 50,000 SKUs or need a complete end-to-end supply chain planning solution, we have the solution for you.

Our flagship software, Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+), automates and optimizes supply chain planning tasks including demand forecasting and sensing, multi-echelon inventory optimization, replenishment and S&OP.

SO99+ has earned widespread industry recognition as a ‘Leader’ in its class by Gartner, IDC, and Nucleus Research. Our customers include manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers in a wide range of demand and inventory-driven industries.

With ToolsGroup you will always Be Ready for Anything.

Learn more about SO99+