Supply chain planning software is not a transaction system. It is essentially a “predictive analytics” process that depends on the quality of the model in order to correctly predict service level. Therefore we believe implementations should focus heavily on the heart of the issue – the quality and precision of a model that clients can trust and be certain will deliver improved supply chain and business performance.

We often employ a data-driven Proof-of-Concept (POC) that involves creating a proven working model of your supply chain. It articulates the business case and also increases user buy-in; because your users are looking at their data and able to validate their business scenarios. Other benefits include understanding data readiness and gaps, a validated highly certain deployment approach, and tested sustainability–the ability to automatically and continuously adjust a variety of conditions and changes without constant manual intervention.

ToolsGroup engagements develop a shared vision with our customer’s stakeholders to define the opportunity and timeframe to achieve success. By assessing complex supply chain challenges and solution requirements, ToolsGroup’s consulting team helps customers define scope, timeline and deliverables that include base case analysis, service level simulation, quantified value proposition, a project implementation plan and change management recommendations.