We have seen hundreds of companies start with a basic forecasting solution, but face increased manual interventions and firefighting as their business complexity grew. They couldn’t get beyond their system’s limited abilities to manage demand volatility, improve forecast accuracy, or simplify their planning process.

Our SO99AX product was specifically developed for Microsoft Dynamics users who want to dramatically enhance their supply chain performance. It allows manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to improve demand forecasting and customer service, reduce costs, and achieve more efficient inventories.

SO99AX combines three important supply chain planning functions; demand planning, inventory optimization and replenishment planning, all in a tightly integrated platform that is completely Microsoft Dynamics AX compliant.

  • SO99AX Demand Planning offers an extensive solution capable of addressing even the most demanding demand planning challenges.
  • SO99AX Inventory Optimization calculates optimal inventories that reliably deliver target customer service levels, even for multi-echelon or multichannel networks.
  • SO99AX Replenishment Planning automatically creates constrained time-phased replenishment proposals. It accurately identifies both internal deployment (between facilities) and external replenishment from suppliers.

Our “Powerfully Simple” philosophy means that SO99AX is highly intelligent, yet simple for the user. By being smarter, it keeps manual effort to a minimum for a low cost of ownership.