There is new interest in planning productivity. Large enterprises are asking “What’s wrong with my process that I need an army of planners?” Growth-oriented mid-market companies are determined not to add overhead.  Companies are no longer willing to nursemaid inefficient supply chain planning software that relegates planners to non-value added activities.  And beyond inefficiency, they don’t want high touch software that prevents them from migrating to higher supply chain maturity levels.

Whether called “automated planning” or “low touch”, ToolsGroup’s software was built to run as a highly autonomous solution.  Our “Powerfully Simple” philosophy means that the software is highly intelligent, yet time consuming manual effort is kept to a minimum for a low cost of ownership and dramatically improved process efficiency. For example:

  • At Lennox Residential, 997 of 1000 planning decisions (99.7%) have been automated to the point where there is no manual intervention
  • At Costa Express, just one planner now handles the planning for 7000 points of sale. POS data is transmitted every 15 minutes to automatically forecast demand, optimize inventory and generate replenishment proposals
  • Internet retailer Wayfair reported a 6 to 1 reduction in planning workload by moving to autonomous forecasting and supply chain planning

This is the right automation for significantly reducing wasted time, excess administrative work and needless system tuning, while allowing planners to focus on value-added activities.