ToolsGroup’s BPO offering helps companies achieve outstanding business results with minimum upfront investment. Compared to a traditional “buy and implement” process or working with a large consulting firm, it is a service that shortens time-to-value and eliminates risk.

In our mission to help companies accelerate their performance, we are business-focused but technology-enabled. Unlike generic consultants, we arrive armed with precise modeling and domain skills for deep insight into demand signals, inventory behaviors and supply chain volatility. Our goal is to deliver actionable insights that help you quickly achieve your corporate goals.

By initially sourcing certain key planning capabilities, your company acquires access to domain expertise and specialized technology. It shortens time-to-value while grooming your organization’s skill set to own the new process internally. We handle the infrastructure, so instead of cleaning and fixing data, your planners focus on analyzing and adding value – a better use of your human capital. Compared to buying software, an outsourced “Business as a Service” model assures low up-front cost and allows companies to focus on core competencies, while gaining access to world class capabilities.  

Companies long ago transitioned from “make” to “buying” supply chain software. BPO offers the opportunity to transition from “buy” to “use”.